How to Use Photo Sharing on iPhone and iPad

Photo Sharing and photo search in ioS 12

The iOS 12 is making the photos even better with more of AI feature. It will start searching even before starting to type with search suggestions. Likewise, it will highlight the best moments and people.

Within the application, you can search for sporting events or concerts or surfing or vacation. Apart from this, you can also broadly search for the contents like business names or museums. All new labels are also available for you like “On this day” or “highlighting your shots from past year” along with shared album too.

Use Photo sharing and Photo Search in iOS Photo Sharing and photo search in ioS 12

When you share group albums it will be of full resolution from iCloud photo library. Similarly, when your group members saw the shared albums their iPhone will search for other pictures from the same occasion or event and it will suggest them to share too.

The sharing feature will identify itself your nature of sharing pictures, to whom you mostly share photos and then it will recognize and it will use the data to find out with whom you were hanging out.

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