How to use screen effect in iMessage iOS 10: Fireworks, Bubbles

Your device is updated with iOS 10 latest update. You must try very beautiful features with text that’s you are sending from iMessage. iMessage is now most entertaining text message app apart from other boring social chat and message apps. Because apple added fluent unique effect that’s sender want most of the case. Gesture effects save your time, hard work and Efforts in send each single text you sent.

Here I try to learn some engaging iOS 10 iMessage screen effects for learners and Experts as well. By collaborating different choice and tools you can create thousands of unique effect with skills.

Learn and Send Fireworks, Bubbles Effects in Text using iMessage

use screen effect in iMessage with Bubbles and Fireworks

Follow the steps below send mixture of Fireworks and Bubbles effect on text. That’s feel other end and yourself as well. It’s not graphics and Visual Effects but also give Fireworks sound.

1: First Type text in field. Here I typed: “Test Bubbles”.

2: Press and Hold on Blue Upward arrow until you show below screen.

Use screen effect in iMessage


3: Next, Tap Gray dot icon in front of Loud. Once again tap on Upward Arrow icon with blue button.

iMessage Bubble effect and Fireworks effect on iOS 10 iMessage


Now add mixture of Fireworks with Bubble message effect in iMessage

In Third steps, you will see another option for Extra Background Effect in iMessage screen. Tap on Screen option > Slide your finger left > Forth effect is Fireworks.

Extra another iMessage Screen Effect on iOS 10

Then tap on Blue arrow button.

That’s it. See the Visual Effect and Amazing sound with message it receiving end and you also.

Alternate options of Fireworks are sending with Balloons, Send With confetti, and Send with lasers, Send with fireworks, Send with shooting star. You will find all of option by swiping finger on screen.

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Next tutorial I will cover Send Music or App in message, Access cameras or Photos within iMessage app.