Should i Update to iOS 17.1.1 on my iPhone? Why! You Must Know

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What do you get from this Update? Apple releases iPhone updates (new iOS 17 hidden features) relatively frequently. Besides a significant annual operating system update, Apple conducts specific incremental upgrades to solve and patch problems and upgrade security. You have two options- either enable the iPhone to get an automatic update, or manually update it.

Many people are concerned about iPhone security. That’s why iPhone users concerned about security enable the option for automatic iOS updates. However, despite having automatic iOS updates turned on, your iPhone may take days or weeks to upgrade to the most current operating system. What is the reason for this?

Craig Federighi, Apple’s VP of software engineering, outlined how the iPhone maker pushes out new iOS updates in stages, starting with those who specifically seek them out in Settings and then scaling up to devices with auto-update enabled 1-4 weeks later.

To put it another way, Federighi asserts that Apple prefers to wait for bugs to be discovered and fixed before putting out iOS updates to devices. But, of course, another obvious argument is that by preventing everyone from downloading their iPhones simultaneously, Apple’s servers aren’t overburdened each time an iOS update is released.

Apple has recently released updates to iOS that address several problems that have been leveraged to attack iPhones. Unfortunately, it also coincides with another iPhone security issue: Apple has lately ceased providing key security updates to iOS 16 & iOS 17. As a result, you must be on the most recent version to ensure that your iPhone is not exposed. Also, as a user you’ll have to wait longer for additional features like unlocking the iPhone while in a mask. It is if the user doesn’t receive any automatic updates of iOS.

Why Upgrading the iPhone iOS is Essential?

Updating the iOS on the iPhone takes up time and additional storage space. The update may also end up changing the user interface of an iPhone. This makes it much more convenient to go for tap Later and maybe disregard the notification.

However, one question persists! How essential is it for a user to update the iPhone’s iOS? It is extremely important! Let us see why.

#1. To Boost Performance

iPhones with out-of-date software will gradually slow down. While it is never the most common cause leading to sluggishness, it can be termed as one of them. This occurs because apps must adapt to new technical standards with each major upgrade. This implies that some will not function properly on older software versions or cause devices to slow down.

Even if you haven’t noticed the difference since you’ve been using your phone for a long time, your iPhone will restart working at maximum efficiency after the update is installed.

#2. Bugs Fix  

The iPhone bugs can occur from nowhere and then hamper the regular functioning of the phone and the user. For example, the user may fail to use the Unlock function with the Apple Watch feature. You may also see that the cellular data of the function fails to function properly. These issues were caused by out-of-date software and encountered by some iPhone users.

The recent iOS updates frequently include bug updates. It is to address any user complaint about the phone. As a result, updating iOS helps you get the most out of your iPhone.

#3 Security Update

Each version of the iOS includes security upgrades that efficiently protect the iPhone by patching several existing vulnerabilities. A significant reason one doesn’t require any antivirus software or additional applications on the iPhone is this! The user may thing they don’t need any update as they don’t check out any suspicious links. Perhaps they use their antivirus-protected PC to complete all the banking regulated activities.

However, it becomes too late when there is a hack of the iPhone and the data gets stolen. So it’s best to avoid the trouble and update your iOS.

#4. New Features

Many new and intriguing iOS 17 features have been released with major iOS versions over the last decade.

  1. NameDrop
  2. Standby (Aka- Nightstand mode)
  3. Live Stickers
  4. Personal Voice
  5. Contact Posters
  6. Live Voicemail
  7. The new Journal App
  8. New Communication Safety Feature
  9. Adaptive feature
  10. CarPlay gets SharePlay
  11. Hotel AirPlay
  12. New Wallpapers
  13. Improve spotlight search
  14. Change the Clock Weight on the Lock Screen
  15. Revamped Calling Interface
  16. Safari Widget

Screen Time refers to an additional new feature of the iOS 12. The feature enables the user to track the time they spend on the iPhone. They can also set time and usage limits of the applications to restrict overuse. Widgets were added to iOS 14 to provide you with more ways to customize your iPhone’s Home Screen. You may also scan text in an image or photo with live text in iOS 15.

#5. Application Interoperability 

Certain applications of the iOS apps remain compatible only with recent versions of the operating system. So, if you want to download Reddit, a popular social media software, or Canva, a famous graphic design program, your iPhone must be running iOS 13 or higher.

After a device is acquired, Apple usually provides iOS updates for at least five years. So, as long as your iOS is up to date, you may use all of the apps even if you have an older iPhone, such as an iPhone 7.

#6. Brand-new Emojis

(New iOS Emoji) When you get texts from relatives and friends, do you notice a square emoji with a question mark? The actual emoji won’t appear because your previous iOS doesn’t have access to it; the actual emoji won’t appear. So, updating iOS merely to obtain the latest emojis may seem insignificant. 

However, it might be isolating when you do not understand what your pals are saying to you over text. As the emojis stand out as a fun way of communication, users should update the phone and join in the emoji fun!

#7. Siri on iOS now has a new voice

Siri now has a new English-language voice, offering users more options for how they want Siri to speak to them. The new Siri voice, according to Apple, uses Neural Text to Speech technology to provide an amazingly natural sound.

#8. Compatibility

Some Apple products and programmes are only compatible with newer software versions. For example, apps like Canva and Reddit aren’t compatible with anything older than iOS 13. One can even use the applications on an older iPhone equipped with the latest iOS.

When Is It Best to Update iOS?

Like a computer, a smartphone is made up of hardware and software. To function, the hardware requires an operating system. On Apple iPhones, when you buy a new phone, it comes pre-loaded with a specific version of the operating system iOS.

Apple is constantly working to improve its operating systems, which are now available for phones worldwide. As such, the updated version of it includes innovative and recent features. In addition, it focuses on addressing the security and bug issues existing in the earlier versions.

Periodic updates, such as the jump from iOS 16 to iOS 17, can be implemented fast and fix frequent iPhone issues.

However, it is recommended to wait for a week or two before installing major updates. It is because of the possibility that the recent updates will bring in more severe issues. Therefore, waiting for a later version that has already fixed any new bugs is preferable.

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