What Will Happen If One Doesn’t Update Their iPhone Software?

🗓️ June 3, 2022 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

The IOS devices takes in both the time and the storage space when an update of the iPhone’s operating system occurs. Whether a user updates it or not, the iPhone and the primary apps will till function normally. But what if you start ignoring those update notifications completely? Aside from the irritating reminder message that constantly pings you and drives you insane, there are solid reasons to accept the prompts. (Remember to make a backup first!) Here’s what could happen if you don’t act:

Your iPhone Can Get Hacked

Each new iOS upgrade brings a slew of new security enhancements known as “patches” that will shield your iPhone from virtual bad guys such as hackers, malware, and memory corruption flaws. If not updated, you will not have the most recent version, making your iPhone completely vulnerable.

Your Device May Act Buggy

If the user doesn’t have the latest iOS on their phone, applications like social media Instagram, Youtube, or even simple regular use apps like calendar and email will start to underperform and crash down. It is the reason why mobile applications should be immediately updated when a new operating system comes out in the market. It is for the operating system to adapt to innovative and latest technical standards in the market. If a user doesn’t upgrade, the phone will fail to support any new versions of the applications.  

Your Phone May Get Laggy And Slow

The latency from an old iPhone may be minimal, but it exists. As long as you have the latest iPhone, updating your os is the best way to make sure it runs smoothly and quickly.

Major updates (IOS 11, 12, 13) are always required; once completed, it is acceptable to skip a few of the minor ones (IOS 13.1, 12.2.1). However, it is recommendable that you always update the software to the latest and major update.

Jaysukh Patel
Jaysukh Patel

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