Fix Whatsapp Picture Blurry on iPhone (iOS 17)

Know why WhatsApp Sending Blurry picture in Chat Conversation and How to send High Resolution Photo in Chat, Group.

If you’re tired of sending blurry or low-resolution photos in your WhatsApp conversations, there’s good news! WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to customize your settings and send high-quality photos without changing the original resolution. Previously, the app would send lower quality photos to save data usage on your mobile or Wi-Fi connection. This was helpful for those with poor internet speeds or limited data. However, if you want to send high-resolution pictures without losing quality, follow this tutorial.

This particular setting does not prove to be effective in addressing the issue of blurry profile pictures or WhatsApp statuses.

Steps to change Default Blurry Picture sent in WhatsApp to High Resolution For iPhone

  1. Launch the WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Select Chats Tab From the Bottom of the Screen and Tap on Conversation.
  3. Tap on Camera Icon at the Bottom of the Screen.
Open WhatsApp Select Chats Tab Select Conversation Tap on Camera icon on iPhone
  1. Select Photo. Then, Tap on Circle to Capture a Photo.
  2. Next, Tap on HD Icon. Which Indicates the Options to Enhance Image Quality.
Select Photo Tap on Capturing Circle to Take image Tap HD Icon on iPhone
  1. A Pop-Up Window Will Appear, Offering you Different Resolution Options to Choose HD Quality From the Available Choices.
  2. Tap on the Send Button.
Choose HD Quality Tap Send icon on iPhone

Extra Tips:-

Get Rid for Blurry picture on WhatsApp With Change Upload Quality

Yes, here are the most helpful tricks for sending your photos or media quality in original quality. Make a Pdf of your Photos and send it to Conversation.

Before sending the picture, make a PDF file and share it directly on WhatsApp.

  1. Launch the Photos App on your iPhone.
  2. Select Albums from the Bottom of the Screen. Then, Select the Recents Folder.
  3. Choose the Photo that you want to send as a PDF.
Open Photos Select Albums Tap Recents Folder Choose Image on iPhone
  1. Tap on the Share icon.
  2. Swipe Down to Select Print Option.
Tap Snare icon Scroll Down Select Print Option on iPhone
  1. Now, Stretch the Photo using Finger to Zoom In.
  2. Your Photo will convert in Fullscreen, Now, Again Tap on the Share icon.
  3. Select WhatsApp From the share sheet.
Stretch the Photo using Finger to Zoom-In Select Share Icon Tap WhatsApp on iPhone
  1. Select WhatsApp Conversation name and Tap on Next.
  2. Tap on Send Icon to Send the Photo in PDF file.
Select WhatsApp Conversation Name Tap Next Tap Send Icon on iPhone
  1. Launch the WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Select Chats Tab at the Bottom of the Screen and Tap on Conversation.
  3. Received the Photo in PDF file.
Open WhatsApp Select Chats Tap Conversation name Received the Photo in PDF File on iPhone

No loss or change in quality. Easy to print without compromising picture quality. If you select multiple photos in the iPhone Photos app, you can create a multi-page PDF file.

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