Why Whatsapp Picture Blurry: Change Media Quality Settings on iPhone

🗓️ November 4, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Follow this tutorial to send High-Resolution Picture in WhatsApp conversations that Keeps your Picture Quality as you send. Whatsapp app is sending Blurry/Low-Resolution photos in conversation because it will help in save Gigabytes of Data while using your Mobile Data or WiFi connection. Easy to send on Poor internet connection speed. This will help in saving time. But Now, WhatsApp settings allow to customize the settings and send high quality or Without changing the Original photo resolution in the conversation.

This setting doesn’t apply or isn’t Helpful for Blurry Profile Picture or Blurry WhatsApp status.

Steps to change Default Blurry Picture send in WhatsApp to High Resolution For iPhone

  1. Open WhatsApp on iPhone > Tap on settings option at bottom tab. Scroll and See Storage and Data Option. whatsapp-storage-and-data-option-in-settings-iphone
  2. Again Scroll and the last option is Media Upload Quality > And Choose the quality of media files to be sent.change-media-upload-quality-on-iphone-whatsapp
  3. Select Photos Quality, Auto[That’s Recommended], Best Quality [Best Quality media are larger and can take longer to send], and Last is automatic, Data Saver.

Intentionally you can select “Best Quality” when you need to send High-Resolution photos. Otherwise, Keep a Data saver for all the time or Auto option.


Get Rid for Blurry picture on WhatsApp With Change Upload Quality

Yes, Here are the most helpful tricks to send your Photos or Media quality in Original Quality. Make a Pdf of your Photos and send it to Conversation.

Before Sending the Picture, Make a PDF file and share it directly to whatsapp.

  1. Open Photos app on iPhone, Open Photos that you want to send as a PDF, open-photos-from-iphone-photos-app
  2. Tap on the Share icon.print-photo-from-iphone-photos-app
  3. Scroll and Tap on Print Option. Now, Stretch the Photo using Finger, and Your Photo will convert in Fullscreen, Now, Again Tap on the Share icon.convert-media-file-in-to-pdf-from-iphone-photos-app
  4. Select WhatsApp From the share sheet.select-whatsapp-chat-and-send
  5. and Select WhatsApp Conversation name and send the Photo in PDF file.send-photo-as-pdf-in-whatsapp-on-iphone

This will not lose or change Quality. If you want a print or Hard copy from then, then we can do it easily without compromising the Picture quality.

Note: If you select Multiple Photos from the iPhone photos app then, you can create a multiple-page PDF file.

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