AirTag Won’t Play Sound after iOS 17.1.1 update: Get All the Fixes

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Are you facing AirTag No Sound Issue? While Tracking with items or Reset & Hard Reset. AirTag is nearby, but when you try to make sound, AirTag won’t play sound, is that an issue you’re dealing with? AirTag doesn’t feature a prominent woofer speaker, but the pitch of the sound is noisy; even in slow volume, you would know where AirTag is located. There are plenty of reasons why AirTag is not playing sound, like battery died, Bluetooth broken, hardware issue, software bug, etc. Some are easy to handle, while you might need Apple’s assistance to fix the hardware damages in some cases.

Well, without any conclusion, let’s start debugging the software issues one by one and if none of them works, then reach out to the Apple Store.

Fix AirTag is Not Making Sound Issue

1. Find My Outage?

AirTag won’t play sound? The first thing you should be checking is Find My System Status in US on the Apple Page or Check Apple Server Status in Other Countries. If Find My server is down, it won’t work; all you can do is wait for Find My to resume its service.

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2. Remove the Battery

Here’s how to check the Battery of your AirTag,

AirTags are wrapped with a thin plastic layer that doesn’t let the battery get into connection with the power connector. That’s the possible reason why your AirTag is not making a sound. You have to remove that thin plastic from the battery and make sure the battery connects to the power connector.

Rotate the battery cover counterclockwise and remove the battery. If you feel thin plastic, remove it and gently push the battery again in the battery cover. Once you’re confident everything is correctly placed, try to make a sound on AirTag.

3. Toggle Bluetooth

Bluetooth plays an important role in setting up the AirTag with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. If Bluetooth is stopping connection between AirTag and Apple Devices, the AirTag won’t work at all. Disabling and enabling the Bluetooth might refresh the connection and fix AirTag no sound issues. Give it a try.

  1. Go to the Settings App.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Turn Off Bluetooth.
  4. Turn back Bluetooth ON.

Or Try After Restart your Device. Open the settings app > General > Scroll to last Shut Down > Swipe to left on “Slide to power off”, After a wait for 10 seconds, Turn on Back using the side power button. Press and hold on to it until you see the Apple logo.

 4. Ensure Location Services is Enabled

When we discuss AirTag, Bluetooth, and Location Services comes first; without these functions, you cannot get the maximum out of AirTag. Earlier, you’ve checked Bluetooth is turned on or not; now it’s time to re-enable the Location Services.

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Here’s how you can enable Location Services on iPhone, iPad, iPod.

  1. Open the Settings App on your Apple Device.
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Select Location Services.
  4. Toggle On-Location Services. If it is already turned on, disable and re-enable it.
  5. Now swipe down the same page, and tap on Find My App.
  6. Under ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS, make sure While Using the App is selected.

5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Before using AirTag, you should know AirTag only works when two-factor authentication is enabled on your device. Setup Two-Factor Authentication on iPhone, iPad, and iPod, whichever device you’re connecting with the AirTag.

  1. Navigate to the Settings App.
  2. Tap on your name.
  3. Select Password & Security.
  4. Tap on Two-Factor Authentication. If it is already ON, then disable and re-enable it.

Note: Two Factory Authentication we can enable from any apple device that is signed in with the same apple id.

6. Replace AirTag Battery

Unlike other electronic devices, you cannot charge the AirTag battery. Once the battery has died, you will need to replace the AirTag Battery. AirTag supports CR2032 Lithium Coin Batteries; you can get this battery from the market; however, be safe and alert while buying the battery, and always buy such things from a trustable source.

The battery is located on the backside of AirTag, just rotate the back cover and open it, remove the battery carefully, insert the new battery and close the back cover.

7. Update AirTag Firmware

Apple released a new Software update for AirTag Item Tracker. This is an automatic process, To update your AirTag Firmware version to the latest, Keep your AirTag near your iPhone or Check AirTag Firmware Using Find My app > Device > Click on iTems Details and see the AirTag Fimrware.

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This OTA update will take some time as your device get the update from apple. There is no method to fore update your AirTag. but Keep both near and Internet connection must be turned on your iPhone.

  1. Check Airtag Firmware
  2. Update it.

8. Contact Apple Support

After trying all the above workarounds, still AirTag Sound is not working? It seems your AirTag needs Apple’s technician assistance. Set up a Genius Bar appointment and have a visit there with AirTag; they will find out what’s the matter with AirTag. Furthermore, when you reach out to Apple, make sure to carry the AirTag and the device with which you’re connecting AirTag. if your airtag is under warranty, Check the Warranty status online using the Serial number [See below video] then Contact apple support for free repair and Replacement.

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