Fix Alarm Not Working/Going Off in iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Last Updated on Nov 20, 2020

Now the time has gone that we used to put the alarm clock near to our bed. Instead, people are using smartphones to set the alarm. If we talk about the iPhone, then it is effortless and convenient to set the alarm in it. However with the new iOS update and new iPhone’s we, the common people always face problems while using the device. So today we are going to discuss the problem related to the alarm of iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. Sometimes buggy phone operating system makes your iPhone alarm not going off at right time or Doesn’t go off sometimes.

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We have encountered various issues related to new models of iPhone’s such as why my alarm is not going off on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS alarm not going off after snooze, iPhone XR alarm not going off when the phone is locked, and much more. Despite focusing on a variety of problems we will directly move on to global solutions to fix the alarm not working in iPhone XS Max.

Reasons to Fix Alarm Not Working on iPhone XS Max, XS & iPhone XR

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Solution 1: Check the Mute and Volume level

If the alarm is not working in iPhone XS Max, then you must check the mute button which gets switched accidentally when we put our iPhone in a pocket or take out from a pocket or even it happens while using and along with that check the volume of the alarm.

Mostly reason is that, During night time users are keeping sound is mute or Lower because Phone activity not disturbing to others.

Use AM for Morning or Day Time and PM for Night Time.

Solution 2: Check the Sound of Alarm

Just in case if you have changed the sound of the alarm to none, then it won’t play the tone to wake you up, and you might be assuming that alarm not working in iPhone XS. Look at the settings and then set your favorite sound of the alarm.

2 Check Clock Settings on iPhone

  • Launch “Clock” app.
  • Tap “Edit” and select alarm.
  • Now tap “Sound” and select an appropriate sound for your alarm.


Solution 3: Remove third-party alarm apps

If you have third-party alarm apps, then remove as soon as possible because they can cause issues such as iPhone XR alarm not going off after snooze or iPhone XS Max alarm not going off when the phone is locked. They can damage the internal software of your iPhone, so delete the third-party apps for the safety of your iPhone.

Solution 4: Recreate New Alarms

This troubleshoot is worth trying if your iPhone XS alarm not going off after snooze or iPhone XS Max alarm not working. All you have to do is delete the present alarm and close the app and again create the alarm. Now after creating a new alarm check if the issue is fixed or not. If the problem persists then follow the next solution.

1 Delete and Add new alarm in Clock app on iPhone

Delete all old alarm, might be you sate a two more alarm at the same time.

Solution 5: Reset All Settings

Some users have complained that iPhone XS Max alarm is going off at right time and eventually some are saying that iPhone XS Max alarm is going off at wrong time. According to our experience, this weird problem is occurring due to inappropriate changes made in settings. So we will reset all settings to fix this.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap “General” and open “Reset”.
  • Select the “Reset All Settings”.

Solution 6: Restart iPhone

Fixing any error is very easy by restarting the iPhone, and somehow few users got improvements in the performance of iPhone after restarting.

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Hold down the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. press the only side button to turn it on.

Solution 7: Update iPhone

By updating iPhone XR I had fixed Bluetooth not working in iPhone XR and Wi-Fi not working in iPhone XS Max, so here we will try to fix alarm not working in iPhone XS Max/XS/XR by updating the iPhone. If your iPhone is running on latest iOS version, then you have to move forward to the next solution.

Step #1: Go to “Settings”.

Step #2: Tap “General” and hit on “Software Update”.

Solution 8: Restore iPhone to its factory settings

Restoring iPhone as a new is the final way to bring out our iPhone safely from the danger and remove all the malware and viruses from the iPhone. Hopefully, iPhone XS alarm doesn’t go off will be fixed after restoring the iPhone. Make sure you take backup of your device otherwise you will lose all the data stored in the iPhone.

Restoring device is best way to clean up all the problems at once. Check the Video below to put your iPhone in to restore mode.

Now, Click on Option Keyboard key + Click on restore button on iTunes to browse the Downloaded ipsw file. And follow the ongoing instructions.

Give some time to iPhone to start as new, sit back and relax.

Wrap up

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