What is iCloud+ (iCloud Plus)? Features, Plans, Price & Much more

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Get Derailed guide about iCloud Plus [iCloud+] Features, Price. and Get ideas to explore your Privacy and Storage Benefits with Old Apple’s services like Apple One with Family Sharing. Follow this tutorial for Activate iCloud+ from iPhone, iPad or Mac. and Turn on Private Relay, Hide My Email, Home Secure Video.

What is the history of iCloud+? Announced at Apple’s annual developer extravaganza, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021, iOS 15 & macOS Monterey would develop a new Apple service called iCloud+. The iOS 15 is an upgraded version of the online cloud storage service called iCloud that Apple already provides to its users. iCloud+ focuses on the privacy aspect of iCloud. And as a part of this effort, Apple has added three new features in iOS 15/iPadOS 15/MacOS Monterey or later version.

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What is iCloud+?

Apple pitched iCloud+ as something that combines “everything you love about iCloud, with some great new features.” As has been already mentioned, iCloud+ is an upgraded version of Apple’s cloud storage service called iCloud. iCloud+ also integrates quite a few privacy-oriented features, which we will discuss below.

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iCloud+ features

With iCloud+, users have access to all the basic iCloud features such as photos, videos, documents, backup, and iCloud Drive, among others. In addition to these features, Apple has integrated several new privacy-oriented features into it. These additional features are:

🗣Tips: Cancel Apple One Subscriptions Without Turn off iCloud Plus. Here’s how you can keep iCloud plan active with the cancellation of the Apple One subscription. Choose individual service and turn off Other items in the Apple One Subscription bundle.

iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay is a feature that helps safeguard user’s privacy while they are browsing the web through the Safari user.

While surfing the internet, user’s data, passwords, browsing history, lock patterns, and other essential data might be at risk, as other people on the network can access this data. The new iCloud Private Relay feature facilitates users to browse the internet with a great sense of security. The iCloud Private Relay, when enabled, sends and receives data through two private servers. This data is encrypted, and no other users can access it. Even Apple Inc. cannot access a user’s data when this feature is enabled.

Hide my email with iCloud+

With the new hide my email Apple’s feature, users can generate unique and random email addresses when they need to provide an email address on a website. It will then forward mail to the user’s actual inbox. It will significantly reduce the number of lists the user’s legitimate email address appears on.

This feature is built directly into Safari, iCloud settings, and mail. This feature also lets users create and delete as many addresses as required at any time, giving them control over who can contact them. It is a great feature that keeps spam email at bay and saves plenty of time for users in deleting and unsubscribing from spam mails.

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Homekit Secure Video

This new feature extends the Homekit Secure Video service that iCloud already provides to its users. The Apple Home app supports an unlimited number of security cameras. Users can now add a home kit camera to their house without bothering about storage. As the iCloud+ offers unlimited storage for Homekit Secure Videos.

iCloud+ Price

iCloud+ features are to be included with the existing iCloud plans at no additional cost. It means that all the paid users of iCloud would be transferred to iCloud+. For users in the US, iCloud+ will be priced at:

  • iCloud+ plans: 50GB plan with one HomeKit Secure Video camera available at ($ 0.99 per month)
  • 200 GB with up to five HomeKit Secure Video cameras for ($2.99 each month)
  • 2TB plan with unlimited quantity of HomeKit Secure Video cameras available at ($9.99 per month)

Is iCloud+ part of the Apple One subscription?

iCloud+ is a part of the Apple One subscription. For the users who are unaware of the Apple One subscription, Apple One is a subscription bundle that offers Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud for a monthly fee. For users who are eagerly awaiting the launch of iCloud+, it will be available around September 2021. And iCloud subscribers will be automatically upgraded to iCloud+.

How to Downgrade and Upgrade iCloud+(Plus) Storage Plan?

as Parent, This plan we can upgrade or Downgrade any time from Any Apple Device [iPhone, iPad or Mac]. Until your Storage plan renew automatically until you cancel it.

  • on iPhone: Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Profile name >iCloudupgrade-icloud-plan-to-icloud-on-iphone (1)
    • Manage Storage > Change Storage Plan > upgrade-icloud-storage-plan-on-iphone
    • Select New Plan for Upgrade current plan or see Option for Downgrade Options.upgrade-to-icloud-on-iphone
  • On Mac, Click on Apple Logo from top menu > System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage > Change Storage Plan > Select New Plan for Upgrade or Select Downgrade Options.

Here”s how to Add a Member in Family Sharing, For Share Purchase from your Apple ID.

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Which iCloud+ Plans Can be Shared with Your Family?

200GB and 2TB iCloud+ Plan can we share with your Family. Free Plan [5GB] and 50GB Plan Excluded from Family shared.

if you are using all apple’s paid services, then I recommend upgrading your iCloud Plus plan with a Large Plan and Get the advantage of All Premium services in just a few dollars.

iCloud+ (iCloud Plus) Plan Pros and Cons:-


  • iCloud Plus have More Features in the Same Price of Old iCloud Plans
  • Time-Saving, and Money Value – Easy to Backup
  • Supporting Family Sharing
  • Easy to Activate and Deactivate
  • Most Secure


  • No Data Backup option on Downgrade. We can not Move iCloud Plus Data to Other Drive on Downgrade.
  • Some users feel costly compare to Other Cloud Backup


Most of Professionals and Business likely to use iCloud Plus with Advance Security and Privacy features.

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