How to Download Purchased App Store App After Uninstall in iPhone, iPad

1 Not in this iPhone apps list for redownload app

Download purchased App Store App after uninstalling, App Store has smart way to use download the paid app in future on your iPhone, iPad on iOS. For that, you never have to pay again for the same product that’s from Apple App Store. It’s hence that, App Store selling its iOS app for lifetime duration. So the user can purchase apps any time by means of, from apps backup anytime and anywhere. Apple knows that most of the people will find the purchased app in future, once he/she downloaded from App Store. Apple iCloud and App Store synchronization have amazing features gives the option to re-download the paid app that you used in past. Your App Store app automatically stored in your iCloude storage online, that might be use in future from iPhone and iPad App store. For that you don’t have to pay tiny of cost amount from your pocket to apple App Store. So don’t be panic and use Downloaded paid apps any time in future freely by using below steps.

Here’s Steps on Download or re-download purchased App Store app after uninstall or removed from iPhone and iPad again from App Store. Using iCloude, How to download apps from App Store paid Apps in free?

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Steps on: How To Download Purchased App Store App After Uninstall in iPhone, iPad

Step 1: start Apple app store from your iPhone and iPad. Tap on profile icon at the top right corner of iPhone screen.

1 App store profile settings on iPhoneStep 3: From the list of options, you have to tap on Purchased.

2 Purchased app option on iPhone app store

Tap on “My Purchased

3 Get Your Purchase app list on iPhone app store

Step 4: Here, you can see all apps in two different parts, one is installed or use that in current device. Then another one is Not on This iPhone/ Not on This iPad.

1 Not in this iPhone apps list for redownload app

Step 5: Under this tab, you can see all apps with the iCloud icon that means you can get it from App Store anytime.

Tap on it (iCloude icon) to re-download or re-install from App Store.


If you have a problem to find the app, then you have a search option to find easily from this list. Search option gives on top of all apps list.

Step 6: Now you are done, you can use purchased apps any time from App store and iCloude option.

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I hope you get pleasure from once again you are can use all paid apps, that you purchased in old time. After that you are able to Download purchased App Store App after uninstall in your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Have any problem on finding paid app in app store, Comment in below we helps to assist you.

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