Best heart diseases finder apps for iPhone and iPad

Always live healthy life with heart diseases finder apps for iPhone or other iOS device. From the health report whole over the USA 170+ million people, on each 40 seconds one person dead due to hart diseases and death ratio sharply increasing day by day, So wake up always monitor your heart health and other minor to major problem through iOS device own self at home or office apart from fitness tracker band. These hart diseases give final report from the many factors like BP (Blood cholesterol), Blood pleasure and more. Keep active yourself through Body fit, Comfort body weight, exercises and diet.

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Top 7 best Heart diseases finder apps for iPhone: iOS 8/ 7

MyHeart Count: By Stanford University

Heart diseases finder apps for iPhone, iPadFor student’s batter understanding developed this medial app to know about medical research in iPhone. MyHeart Count manages all the things that must be important to know all hart diseases instantly through device. Get perfect understanding on diseases on heart problem normally occur and action behind to minimize problem. This app new updated with Apple watch Also. You can use Heart diseases finder apps for Apple watch compatible also. Use this app feel free from heart attack and stroke.

Download MyHeart – Free

Instance Heart Rate

Instance heart rate monitor app for iOS 8Most of the user’s trust this heart rate monitor that can count exact pulse count through Camera flash light that will measure pulse in less than 10 seconds. #1 heart rate monitor app for iPhone that will save your money in purchase other device.

Features of this app: Heart rate monitor, Activity Zone calculator, Easy to share on Facebook and Twitter, Setup Support

Download HeartRate – $1.99

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Preasure monitor app for iOS 8Many features along this app made this App more powerful with free heart BP monitor, Health monitor and data visualization, reminder and Email import/ export features. Easy input field and keyboard input made this app very useful for heart disease patient.

Download Blood pleasure – Free

Digifit iCardio: The perfect workout tracker

Digifit iPhone, iPad apps for iOS Before you start, you have to measure how much workout you need to do for easy heart disease recovery. Digifit is the perfect solution on solve heart rate monitor and care app that’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Pedometer features is unique compare to other App, through this app you will get perfect chart on Pace, Speed, and Distance/ Time accurately, Very best for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus also.

Download Gigifit – Free

Cardiograph – Heart fitness app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Cardiograph Heart rate monitor appsComparatively equal to the Medical heart rate equipment, track individual profile’s heart rate and save if for future reference. Read more about Cardiograph Heart diseases finder apps from the official.

Download Cardiograph – $1.99

Other same in the same categorized apps are 6, PulsePoint – Free, 7. Stress Check Pro – $1.99

Really helpful Heart diseases finder apps for all the iPhone users, not only compatible but also iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7. 8 and Upcoming. Trusted by heart specialist and users best rated.