The Best iPad Pro Stands for Drawing and Sketching in 2024

Finding the best ergonomic iPad Pro stand for drawing sketching with your Apple Pencil has never been easier! ideal for your healthy posture

The launch of the iPad Pro has startled everyone as it now supports the Apple Pencil and Pencil 2, making sketching on this device straightforward and comfortable. Apple’s stylus has a low latency rate, so it registers every stroke perfectly. A good screen protector and sturdy back cover provide added protection to your iPad Pro making it completely safe from all sorts of damages. However, all of these add-ons go to waste if you don’t have an excellent Ergonomic stand for iPad Pro to maintain a healthy posture during sketching.

Just like you need to have an ergonomic position while working on a laptop or computer, you also need a Good Drawing stand for iPad Pro to prevent the wrist pains and fatigue caused to your hands after working for a long time. The following stands are very unique, affordable and provide various height adjustability options so that your hands are always in a comfortable position securely hold your iPad pro during work time and the nightstand, Facetime for reading in bed too. So if you want to buy the Best portable iPad stand for drawing, here are our recommendations.

Best iPad Pro Stand: Safe and durable life

#1. Elevation Lab DraftTable V2 for iPad Pro

Make way for the excellent iPad Pro Stand for desk drawing that is adjustable so that you can be rest assured about your hands being at a comfortable position at all times while drawing. This elegant iPad stand is designed especially for digital artists by the digital artists themselves. Elevation Lab DraftTable V2 for iPad Pro offers four different viewing angles with a rock-solid base so that your iPad does not wobble when using it. In addition, this stand has unique indentations for camera bumps, ping-pong paddle texture, a more prominent front lip, and robust hinges.

The Elevation Lab DraftTable is built from premium heavy steel & composite construction, making it durable and last long. This stand can be folded flat, making it convenient to store the stand or take it with you in your backpack anywhere and everywhere. This stand is the best option for a writing/drawing stand for the iPad Pro as it is excellent for working with apps like Procreate, Paper, and a million more and even when you’re using your iPad as a second monitor with AstroPad or SideCar.

So, to order this practical and convenient stand for your iPad Pro visit the Amazon website or App and buy it today.

#2. MAX SMART Tablet Drawing Stand

Are you searching for the Best iPad Pro case for drawing that is best suited for drawing, reading, and entertainment? The MAX SMART Tablet Drawing Stand provides six different viewing angle adjustments to better suit your needs. The Max Smart iPad stand can lift the laptop to your eye level from 15 to 39 degrees and optimize your posture to prevent neck pain and eye stress, as it is always better if the stand is tiltable and adjustable. In addition, the strategically installed Anti-Slip pads on the bottom and top corners securely keep your iPad Pro in place and avoid any unnecessary skidding in the course of drawing, typing, studying or reading.

This excellent stand riser is very lightweight and can be folded flat to easily store flat in backpacks, suitcases, and even handbags for all types of travel, from leisure to business. In addition, it has an excellent ventilation system that keeps your iPad running cooler by dissipating heat and helps reduce crashes while in use.

Therefore, to order this beautifully designed stand for your iPad Pro, head over to their Amazon store and purchase it now to get outstanding deals and offers.

#3. Parblo PR 100 Universal Graphic Tablet Stand

In the category of iPad Pro Drawing stand that is made for artists, the Parblo PR 100 has totally made its mark in the market. One of the first iPad stands that aims to offer a comfortable user experience when drawing with a tablet. Drawing is like an exploration, and this elegant stand was designed to bring you more convenience and fun in this exploration. This iPad Pro Stand for desk drawing can be easily adjusted from 15° to 90° as per your requirement. Furthermore, your iPad Pro stays completely safe within this stand as the essential parts that touch your device are covered with rubber to make the iPad more stable when you are drawing on it.

The Parblo PR 100 stand is made up of alloy and plastic to confirm the steadiness and durability. It is easy to put into a backpack and is very stable when sketching on your iPad while placing it within this stand due to its firm grip. In addition, it is much less expensive as compared to the similar iPad stands available in the market so that you don’t have to compromise on quality while saving some of your money.

 Before buying this unique stand from Amazon, don’t hesitate any more and get it delivered to your doorstep safely and efficiently.

#4. ELECOM Aluminum Drawing Stand

Suppose you are a ProCreators and are exhausted from looking for a good stable stand for the Ipad Pro 12.9 for drawing. In that case, the ELECOM Aluminum Drawing Stand will prove to be a lifesaver for all the digital artists out there. This aluminum stand has 4 adjustable angles making it easy to adjust to the desired position as per the needs of the sketch pad or tablet. In addition, this stand grips your iPad firmly and prevents the frame from sliding on the desktop; the tablet holder has non-skid rubber to prevent the iPad Pro from moving.

It is super easy to set up and close down, making it perfect for all types of travel, from leisure to business, by efficiently storing it into your bag. The elegant and straightforward aluminum finish design, smooth edge, sturdy, lightweight, portable, excellent aluminum tablet stand to make your desktop neat and beautiful. It comes in two different color options: Black and White.

Hence, buy this handy iPad Pro stand from Amazon today and forever relieve wrist pain and eye strain.

#5. Tablet Desktop Stand Height Adjustable

The Best portable iPad stand for drawing for your iPad is the one that can be folded and easily carried with you, along with having several other features. The Tablet Desktop Stand Height Adjustable by ELETIUO is made of 100% bamboo wood for durability and can be cleaned with ease by wiping it with a cloth. Furthermore, the reinforcement design, exquisite workmanship, and deformation resistance features make it very sturdy and long-lasting. Designed with an anti-skid cushion on the bottom, the card slot on the inside fully protects your devices from sliding and scratching. In addition, the 4 Anti-skid cushion under the base makes it more stable, thus avoiding any sort of shaking if you work for a long time.

This iPad holder is a good helper in your office, study room, kitchen, bedroom desk as it is strong enough to hold your device. It is also perfect for drawing, watching films, playing games, viewing photos, reading, and typing without having to touch your iPad. In addition, it can be completely folded flat and comes with an Apple pencil holder, making it portable and easy to carry in your backpacks.

To make this beautiful and unique, stand your own head over to the Amazon store today to get the best deals.

#6. Parblo PR112 Drawing Tablet Stand

The best option for a writing/drawing stand for the iPad Pro is the one that is built to last and offers a variety of viewing angles for you to choose the right one for yourself. The Parblo PR112 Drawing Tablet Stand is made of an aluminum alloy. The superfine fiber pad on the surface prevents your iPad from slipping and getting scratch marks, thus protecting your equipment perfectly. In addition, this Ergonomic stand for iPad Pro comes with 4 adjustable angle holes and a foldable pad so that it can be adjusted from 25°to to 70°. This sturdy tablet stand will effectively reduce stress on your neck and wrists and enhance your drawing experience more comfortably.

The iPad Pro does not wobble when placed within this stand as the Anti-slip pads at the bottom securely keep your iPad Pro appropriately in place, avoiding unnecessary skidding in the course of drawing, typing, and studying. It is one of the best iPad Pro Stand for desk drawing due to its good portability and foldability, making it easier to store in backpacks and handbags for all types of travel and business. It is easy to carry and convenient for all kinds of travel drawing everywhere.

To order this Good Drawing stand for iPad Pro, go to the Amazon website and get hold of it straight away to get the best offers and super fast delivery.

#7. KABCON Quality Tablet Stand

One of the best and most affordable stands for iPad Pro is the KABCON Quality Tablet Stand. The KABCON stand is made of spaceflight Al-Ti alloy and super high strengthened alloy steel material, ensuring higher strength and lighter weight. Aluminum metal material helps in cooling your devices better through its heat dissipation ability, and the hole in the platform station increases airflow. This fantastic stand is much less expensive than the other stands on this list, making it the most affordable and Best iPad Pro case for drawing. 

The KABCON stand supports both vertical and horizontal viewing along with providing excellent stability simultaneously. It has two supports made of metal plate hinge inside with a plastic outer shell, and the rest are aluminum, ensuring the long life of this stand by protecting it from getting rusty. Apart from being a Good Drawing stand for iPad Pro, this stand is also perfect for playing games, watching videos, viewing photos, reading, typing, video recording, working, etc.

Make your drawing and sketching experience much more relaxed and stress-free by ordering this stylish stand for iPad Pro from Amazon today.

#8. iPad Digital Graphics Drawing

Do you have difficulty in finding the Best portable iPad stand for drawing that is ergonomic and sturdy at the same time? The iPad Digital Graphics Drawing by Pewant is just the product you are looking for. The Pewant laptop tablet stand provides many different viewing angle adjustments to better suit your needs. It is inspired by ergonomic principles and lets you try the angle that best suits your purpose. This stable drawing tablet holder effectively reduces stress on your wrists, neck pain, and eye stress and can be viewed as one of the most extraordinary Ergonomic stands for iPad Pro.

This brilliant iPad stand is made up of alloy and plastic to offer the best in class steadiness. It is a very lightweight stand and is easy to put into a backpack, suitcases, or handbags for all types of travel, ranging from leisure to business, bringing you more convenience and fun in the drawing exploration. The non-slip pads installed on the bottom and top corners securely keep your iPad Pro in place and help in eliminating scratches on the surface.

The Pewant stand for iPad Pro comes with a 24-month warranty ensuring worry-free after-sale services at an affordable price. So, order this iPad Pro Drawing stand that is made for artists right away from Amazon.

#9. ZUGU – iPad Pro Case for Drawing

Being a digital artist means you have to work for prolonged periods in order to get your best work delivered. This can often cause fatigue, wrist pains, and eye strains, thus hampering your health in the long run. In order to avoid all of that, you need an Ergonomic stand for iPad Pro, and it is always better if the stand is tiltable and adjustable. The ZUGU Case for iPad Pro is designed exclusively for the iPad Pro and acts both as a cover as well as a stand. This case offers a slim yet protective case with 5 ft drop protection that supports you through daily life with its secure 10 angles magnetic frame whether you’re working, cooking, playing with the kids, or on the go. 

This case offers good portability and ensures that your Apple pencil is safe in its unique pencil holder when you carry it around with you. In addition, the Zugu Case covers all AppleCare+ repair costs, so you can stress less and stream more, making it the Best iPad Pro case for drawing. 

The 10% of the profit is donated to charitable causes; thus, you can make this world a better place by ordering this unique product from Amazon and changing the lives of needy people, along with getting yourself a good case for the iPad Pro.

Unleash your creativity by getting your hands on any of these handy and impressive stands for iPad pro. Being an artist means getting the best out of your iPad Pro; thus, a good stable stand for Ipad Pro 12.9 for drawing is worth investing your money in. If you are a beginner and are hesitant to invest a good amount of money in stands, you should go for the Max Smart stand or the Elecom tablet stand. If budget is not the constraint, getting yourself the Elevation Lab DraftTable kit will add value to your sketching experience.

#10. Aluminum Stand for Apple iPad Pro tablet

Best iPad Pro Stand: Safe and durable life

Excellent Stand for Apple iPad Pro, come in lightweight and durable, crafted from Aluminum metal. It will give you a perfect multi-angle rotating view for reading, watching opinions on the more prominent retina display, typing, video, recording, viewing photos, and much more. So buy this best iPad Pro stand and get a lifetime warranty too.

#11. Spider Monkey: Universal Stand for tablet

Universal Stand for tablet 2015 iPad Pro

It’s a case-friendly stand, comfortable, adjustable, and flexible for most tablets. You can set this spider monkey to stand in a number of the highest positions and angles. So enjoy eye-level- viewing in bed, on the couch, and much more. Best iPad Pro Stand forever.

#12. Moko 210 degree Rotatable iPad Pro Stand

ipad Pro charging stand holder 2015 best

It’s made from a mixture of Aluminum alloy and flexible silicone for solid construction. This Stand is applicable for almost all tablets and Smartphones, Such as iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, etc. you can also use this Stand for your iPad Pro charging time.

#13. Twelve South Compass Pro for iPad

iPad Pro Pivoting Stand

It’s a Pivoting steel ball tablet stand, and you can place your iPad pro 3 to 4 inches up from the floor. It’s made of engineered design and artistic shape, Since you can be holding your iPad pro with Case and or without case/covers.

An excellent feature is the stand comes with split back cable management. In addition, you can move your iPad pro holder 90-degree motion left to right and forward-backward.

#14. Oenbopo iPad Pro tab holder

best stand holder for Apple iPad Pro 2015-2016

Are you looking for a compact design iPad Pro Aluminum Stand? Though, it comes with your requirement. Feature including entirely free rotation of 270-degree viewing angle, sleek and compact design so beneficial for both place office desk and home. Don’t miss this 100% pure brand and high-quality best iPad Pro stand holder.

We have this collection; however, there are many best iPad that Stand out there. If you’re familiar, then please share in the comment box.


#1. What holder/stand should I use to raise the iPad Pro for writing or drawing?

→ You should always use an Ergonomic stand for iPad Pro that offers various viewing angles so that you don’t face any sorts of health problems like wrist pains, fatigue, and eye strains.

#2. Which brand of iPad pro drawing is most popular?

→  The 2021 Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro is overall the best iPad for Drawing for Aspiring & Seasoned Artists. 

#3. Is an iPad Stand for drawing worth buying?

→ Every digital artist needs to work for a long time to make the masterpiece they desire. However, working for an extended period can cause fatigue and eye strain, so getting a stand for your iPad Pro that elevates the screen of your iPad to your eye level can ease off your stress and pain and increase your working efficiency by providing a comfortable posture. Thus, it is totally worth it to buy an iPad Pro stand for drawing.

#4. What iPad Pro drawing stand should I buy, metal or plastic?

→ If you have considered buying a durable stand that holds your iPad in place while working, you should definitely go for a frame with a metal base for strength and non-slip pads for better grip.

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