Best HomeKit Garage door openers in 2023

Best iPhone controlled garage door openers
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Do you want to open your garage door with the iPhone? Let’s a closer look at our handpicked Wi-Fi but Non-Bluetooth garage door opener that will help you to turn your iPhone into a garage door opener. Pick one app running device, install it, and then get started to open your parking gate remotely. A’s automotive-friendly contributor giving you here the best iPhone controlled garage door openers that are in today’s deal. Henceforth, you could live fell free whether you away from your Car or vehicle garage, because now you can turn on and turn off your garage door using smartphones with the free application.

You need to transform your current opener garage into a smart garage and then start to operate your garage with your iPhone and Android phone. Our handpicked these two garage door openers will automatically open your garage door when you are near along with your car.

There are many advantages of these types of garage controller like you can know when your door close and open from anywhere, receive alerts on your iOS/ Android phone when the garage door open or close.

Best iPhone Controlled Garage Door Openers to Operate Garage Doors Remotely

#1: Chamberlain MyQ Garage door opener with Smart Cell phone

Best iPhone controlled garage door openers

Are you exploring the best price Smartphone controlled garage door opener? You should be thinking about this one. Set a monitoring system to get information about your garage door from anywhere and live peace mind. The smart device works on a free app with iOS and Android Smartphones. Not need a worth system or no monthly service cost. Apple Watch also supports this garage door opener’s MyQ app; therefore you have another option to control with Apple Watch.

  1. Get today and stay worry-free – if you guys sometime get confused if the door is open or closed
  2. Best to Close the door, open the door, and monitor your garage.
  3. custom settings that alert via a notification when your garage door opens and closes 
  4. Supported by Apple iOS and Google’s Android ecosystem. 
  5. Quick easy installation
  6. Works with your house’s Wi-Fi and the Chamberlain MyQ Garage App
  7. Order today and get Peace of Mind

In the box

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You will get Wi-Fi Hub, mounting bracket, power cord, Door sensor with them get instruction guide.

#2. Nexx Smart Garage Door Opener

Nexx garage door opener with iOS and Android

It’s a favorite hot system in technology folks circle. You can control your garage door using a Smartphone, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Essential features like multi-user controls, multiple user access, and remote monitoring, quick and easy to install plus setup.

Check Nexx Garage Door Opener Price on Amazon

3. Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener


The Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener is a new generation Garage Door Opener equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and several essential Sensors. You can fully control, manage and get real-time notifications about the door closing and opening on the paired smartphone. Its intuitive design won’t look like a black hole on the ceiling or door, but it’ll be mixed with them and will look amazing. With a single pack, you can control two garage doors, same as other first door, managing, controlling, and receiving real-time notifications.

Besides, they’ve added Guest access that will allow up to three more people to manage the Garage Door using the myQ Guest Feature. The best part is it is setting up the Garage Door is extremely easy; in the box, you’ll get the pictured tutorial, step-by-step, to complete the setup.

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4. iPhone Supported Smart Garage Door Opener with Camera


By adding the Google Home and Alexa Voice Control Support, Google Assistant, to the Genie Garage Door Opener, you can operate and control the door with Voice. The composition includes an Ultra-Quiet Belt drive that quietly moves without disturbing others. While staying on the safe side, the door opener will stop working when any change is detected in the Door’s Motor; this will increase the life of the Garage Door.

In addition, this system includes the inbuilt battery backup; in case of any power cut, the door opener can operate smoothly. Count 50 cycles from the first power failure to keep track of the battery backup capacity.

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5. Smart Garage Door Opener HomeKit [Apple Home Kit Compatible]


Already own Apple HomeKit Devices? The add this Smart Garage Door Opener by meross, HomeKit compatible. Download the Meross App on your iPhone or any phone and open/close the door from anywhere over the internet connectivity to allow guests, your kids, and courier drop-ins without hassle. Fully compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa voice assistant, to let you monitor and give command via one of these voice assistants to control the door.

Make sure the Wi-Fi router is nearby the Garage Door Opener, and about installation, there are no complications; read the installation manual or guide and do it.

What Garage Door Openers Work with Apple HomeKit?

While writing this article, there are only a few Garage Door Openers available compatible with Apple HomeKit,

  • Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge
  • Nice IT4WIFI
  • NousLogic Watchman Garage DoorController
  • LiftMaster MyQ Home Bridge
  • meross Smart Garage Door Opener

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6. eKyro Smart With Apple Watch Compatible

ekyro iPhone and Apple Watch Compatible

Unlike any other Smart Door Opener, eKyro brings support for smartwatches, including Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Active, etc. This Smart Door Opener is widely compatible with the Garage Doors; if you’re not sure whether eKyro will work, then make a call to their support team and get it to know. If the door is compatible, then you won’t need to buy an additional Adapter; it can be checked by performing a Jumper test mentioned on Amazon. Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa are the compatible voice assistants that work with this machine.

Sharing and removing access to open and close the Garage door to the Guests and Friends is too easy to do. If you have a multi-stall Garage, then each door needs a separate eKyro mechanism to operate.

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7. meross Smart Garage Door Opener


If you don’t care about being a HomeKit version or don’t have an Apple ecosystem, the meross Bluetooth Garage Door Opener’s this version for you. Use the Remote App or speak the command to Alexa, Google Assistant, or SmartThings App, to operate the garage door without leaving the couch. As a matter of safety, meross provides several notifications in the event of the door opening, door closing, door left opened, overtime notification, and more.

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Its IFTTT mode, the Nest thermostat detects if there are no people inside the home and the garage door is left open, then meross will trigger the door to close.

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8. The Workhorse


Irrespective of Garage Door Size, the BU100 offers smooth opening and closing of the Garage door without any intervention. There won’t be any problem with the Garage Door size; it can be sectional 8’x7’ or 16’x7’ double door, everything is handled by the BU100 with no additional efforts. It is equal to a 3/4 horsepower DC motor that reliably lifts up the door.

Bring this device to have a nice and quiet experience with a bright LED light built-in to enlighten the garage. Rest is up to you; read the thorough instructions and functions on Amazon, and decide which is to buy.

Buy The Workhorse Garage Door Opener

Can Siri Open my Garage Door?

Yes, Siri can open your Garage Door on your command. All you have to say is Hey Siri, open my garage door and Hey Siri, close my garage door, and Siri will act accordingly to the command given. However, finding the Siri compatible Garage Door opener is a bit tough; the only best Apple Siri and Apple HomeKit compatible Garage Door opener we’ve found is by meross; for a detailed product description, refer to the above section.

Apart from Siri, these Garage Door Openers also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which can also be used to control the opening and closing of garage doors remotely.

Can I use my phone as a Garage Door Remote?

Of course, there are many Smart Garage Door Openers available in the market who can open and close the garage door at your fingertips. This is not it. Also, some of them feature Voice Assistant support, meaning you can ask Siri or Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant to close and open the Garage Door on voice command. For Android users, you have Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, while Siri is only available on Apple devices.

The Smart Garage Door openers are widely available, but to choose the compatible and efficient is quite a tough job; that’s why we have gathered the best Smart Garage Door openers for iPhone and Android.

These above-listed devices are the complete answer to, how to open the garage door with a Smartphone (iPhone, Android)? If you use or find anywhere modern smart door garage opener that is regulated with the iPhone, Android app. Please share in the comments.

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