Best Portrait Mode Games for iPhone 12 Pro, Max

Best Portrait Mode Games for iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS

Looking for the best Portrait Mode games for iPhone 12 Pro Max? Here are some awesome suggestions for you; hopefully, you will like them. We have covered all the major categories of games like Adventure games, racing games, Puzzle Games, and Card games. The below-listed games are leading games of respective categories.

All the games can be played in Portrait mode on Apple iPhone, and most of the games support the iPhone 5 or later, which is exceptionally great. So sharpen your skills with these top 6 games for iPhone. in more, you can also enjoy this awesome best one-handed iPhone and iPad Games.

List of the Portrait Mode Games for All iPhone

#1. Reigns

Reigns is all about sitting on the throne and rule the kingdom. Besides, you have to survive and tackle all the requests from advisors, enemies, allies, peasants, and maintaining the throne.

In this game, you have to try and extend the ruling time by beating the enemies and winning the hearts of your people. Then, get ready to decide your own kingdom and rule over the throne.

Download: Reigns get on App Store

#2. Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest was one of the most popular games a year back. So why not start playing again and recall our memories. It is your time to enter the fantasy world of magic, monster, sword, and many more things that you would have dreamt.

The games offer the legendary RPG, which is loved by thousands of people in Japan. The best thing about this game is you don’t need to buy any additional functions, and you can play this game on iPhone 4 or later.

Download: Dragon Quest get on App Store

#3. The Battle of Polytopia

If you are looking for the best Portrait battle game for iPhone, then your search ends with The Battle of Polytopia. The plot of this game is to rule the kingdom, fight the evils, discovering new places and lands, and innovative technologies.

With this game, you have an opportunity to beat the global players and lead the scoreboard. However, I bet once you download this game, you won’t get over with it until you finish the task.

Download: The Battle of Polytopia Get on the App Store

#4. Monument Valley 2

It’s time to embark on your journey through awesome puzzles, magical architecture, and finding the paths. Monument Valley 2 stands at the #8 position in the Puzzle category, so there is nothing much to describe how great the game is.

Although you don’t need to play Monument Valley, start Monument Valley 2 like it as a different story and universe. In short, you will get the taste of Standalone Adventure, Contemporary Visuals, Beautiful Audio, and Crafted puzzles.

Download: Monument Valley 2 Get on App Store

#5. Ninja Tobu

If you are an expert in gaming and have considerable speed and accuracy, then Ninja Tobu is the right choice for you. Aim for the place with no spike and ready to go; if you land on spikes, you will get yourself killed.

To earn extra points, you can double jump, slamming into enemies, and slow motion. It also allows you to play the challenge mode and cross different levels with your skills. You can also unlock different ninja with more abilities and accessories.

Download: Ninja Tobu Get on App Store

#6. Hyperburner

We have described all the adventure and card games, but Hyperburner is a racing game. So it’s time to take off your high-speed ship and explore the universe on your iPhone.

You can also unlock different ships by clearing the levels and then achieve endless goals. However, you can also play this game in Portrait as well as on Landscape mode.

Download: Hyperburner get on App Store

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