Best screen capturing apps for Mac OS X EI Capitan: Recording

screen capturing is a great way to share your screen directly on social media, iCloud account, Mail and Save to your drive as a proof of identity. So When you are in work you can capture part of the screen or full screen with these best screen capturing apps or Software in your Mac from the hundreds of list. here you can get the best screen capturing tools with features and best supporting to your Mac OS X EI capitan or Older OS X Version. Free tools will never disappointed with editing features, Image types and more. have a look in below.

You can use shortcuts for take screenshot, But below screen capturing apps will make your work easy by edit at a time.

Top best Screen capturing apps for Mac OS X EI Capitan: Free

here I try to list out best apps that I feel when I used on my Mac running on OS X EI Capitan, That’s also supporting to OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks.

Screen capturing app will save in to image on your Mac’s Drive after edit or mark some points on it. from their some apps are supporting picture and video recording facility at once.

Skitch: Easy for Edit/save screen snapshot on Mac

Easy take screen picture and Edit on Mac with EI CapitanSuch a great tools, All features are available in free, Without any registration and activation you can capture snapshot in part of the screen or full screen. Save image/ Picture in to your format.

Note: For Save Skitch Picture/image to drive, not to Evernote. Go to the File > Export (From top menu). give name and save.

Try here – Free

Screen capture in to Picture or Video by Jing in Free

screen capturing apps for Mac OS X EI CapitanJing gave smart option for shoot or take photo/ video from selected part of the screen on Mac. Just. After that you can edit and save in to your Mac in easy way.

Secure, Trusted and Fast screen capturing apps that I haven’t seen before.

Get from here – Free

LightShot Screenshot: The best in screen capturing apps

Best Software for Screen picture and Video recording software for MacLight app for capture screen for selected region or full screen. After that edit instantly and save or share/ Print directly.

Download and Install – Free

Above all the apps are supporting wireless print at a time after edit picture with air Printer (Over the Air).

Really useful apps capture screen from selected region or full screen on Mac Running with OS X EI Capitan.