Best Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac in 2023 (macOS Sonoma)

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In today’s time, we all rely on the internet for almost every need, from education to work, and the frustration of poor and unstable internet connection leaves most of us dead with the dreaded thought of no internet connection. Although, more often than not, especially when multiple devices are connected to the network, problems causing a bad network are common. And therefore, this can be solved using the wifi analyzer on Mac. So, if you own a Mac, here are some of the best Wi-Fi analyzers for a Mac you must try on your device. 

Best WiFi Signal Strength Meter for Mac

Here is the list of the nine best Wi-Fi analyzers for Mac. 

1. Fing 

Fing Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

Undoubtedly, Fing is one of the best network analyzer apps for Mac. It offers complete insights into your Wi-Fi network connection, alongside the ability to verify upload and download speeds, ISP ratings, search for internet outages at your location, and many more. Apart from this, it also offers some advanced network analyzing abilities such as DNS lookup, traceroute, ping, port scanning, the ability to search ports, and more. 

In simple words, the Mac wifi analyzer app helps you discover the gadgets connected to a network; for instance, you get information on whether any camera is connected to wifi or even check who accessed your personal network behind your back. Ultimately, it’s a paid Wi-Fi analyzer but worth trying out on your Mac. 

2. NetSpot

NetSpot Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

If you are in search of a feature-rich wifi analyzer that helps in better network monitoring and offers related information to diagnose and resolve trivial network-related problems. You can use this app to scan all the surrounding wifi networks, compare the signal strength and wifi channel for various networks, get a detailed view of changes in the data charges, verify the signal leakages, and more.

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In addition to that, to receive an ordered view of network, you’ll receive an option to sort the networks using the filters, likewise, network protocol, channel band, and signal strength. Besides this, the app also highlights information about the access point, such as security, signal, bands, etc. Unlike Findy, it’s a paid wifi analyzer for Mac that has three versions such as Home, Pro, and Enterprise. 

3. Wifi Explorer

Wifi Explorer Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

The next on the list of best Mac wifi analyzers is wifi Explorer. The app lists all networks right within the range of your Mac. Further, it also displays network SSID, Mac addresses signal strength, device manufacturer, and more. Besides this, it also highlights a graphical illustration of surrounding networks and allows you to see where signals conflict and overlap with each other. The app gives ratings to the signal depending upon its signal/noise ratio. 

Additionally, the app has a column in the table where you can give notes. It is super convenient because it supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and 20, 40, 60, and 80 GHz frequencies. Also, it hassle-freely works with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax networks. 

4. iStumbler

iStumbler Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

iStumbler is another well-known wifi analyzer app for Mac. It offers an intuitive interface, and it’s one of the on-the-go choices, especially for the network administrator. Unlike the other apps in the list, it includes some neat features, such as a 3D-style map of wireless networks within the range. 

As expected, it offers details of every SSID and access point, along with noise, signal strength, security type, channel, and more. One of the best of the iStumbler is that it also analyzes Bluetooth alongside of wifi. It highlights the details of connected Bluetooth, including device name, type, and Mac address. Additionally, there is a tool for analyzing Bonjour devices on a network. Ultimately, it’s a paid wifi analyzer tool that you must try on your Mac.

5. Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

Wifi analyzer is one of the most convenient wifi analyzing apps for Mac. Yes, the app offers insights into your network and gives information, such as Vendor, SSID, IP Address, BSSID, and subnet mask of your wifi network and equivalent details for the cellular network for your smartphones as well. Besides this, you can perform network-related operations such as ping, traceroute and get access to actions such as whois, DNS lockup, port scanning, and the ability to set mDNS and NetBOIS on available network.

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Along with this, it lets you test the speed of your network. All I can say is that this wifi analyzer will offer accurate results about upload and download speed as well as past measuring. It’s a paid wifi analyzer. 

6. Wifi Scanner

Wifi Scanner Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

Unlike NetSpot, a wifi scanner is a feature-rich wifi scanner for Mac that supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz network and channel bandwidth. It also highlights the information about your surrounding wifi network, along with its network name, signal level, signal quality, MAC address, maximum rate of transfer, and encryption settings. 

However, the drawback of this Mac wifi analyzer is that it doesn’t receive frequent updates, but it works great on Mac running the latest macOS, especially when the location services are turned on. Besides this, it’s unable to create wifi sitemaps, which is frustrating as well. 

7. Wifiner

Wifiner Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

Another good macOS app that is really well-designed and packed with useful features is Wifiner. It’s the best-looking app amongst the line-up. The UI of the application is modern and responsive. It scans the surrounding Wi-Fi network and gives details regarding their network strength in comparison to your network. 

You can use it to check network strength, monitor network speed, download speed, and upload speed. Additionally, you get insights regarding which channel is used by which connection. This will help you to identify the most crowded channel. What makes it super convenient is that this app will find the blind spot in your apartment and hinder your router placement for a quick Wi-Fi speed restoration. However, it’s a paid wifi analyzer, but it’s worth trying out.

8. iWifi

iWifi Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

Like other wifi analyzers in the list, the iWifi allows you to test the network’s speed and analyze your local network. Its intuitive user interface shows you the ping time, upload, and download speed. Besides this, it offers numerical results labeled as excellent, good, or poor. It provides general information on wifi networks, access points, and SSIDs, along with signal noise, strength, and channel details. 

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Additionally, it checks security to verify whether the network you are connected to is a phishing risk, router security issue, or the public network you are connected to is fake. 

9. Speedtest

Speedtest Wi-Fi Analyzer for Mac

As the name itself says, this analyzer lets you test the speed of your network and gather information on other wifi networks in range. It includes a menu bar that allows you to see various details at a glance without opening the app. Within the application, you can see details of access point, SSIDs, including MAC and IP addresses, and even verifies the ISP to which they are linked. Besides, it lets you sort the network based on SSIDs, security, channel, and other details. 

The graphical display within the app highlights which frequencies and channels are being used and where they overlap. Lastly, you can check the noise, signal strength, and interference of each network, and the best part is that it also works with black mode in macOS. 

Final Verdict!

That’s it, folks! Those are some of the best recommendations for network analyzing apps for macOS. Using these applications, you can perform all network-essential tasks and operations without relying on the computer.

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