How to Block Facebook Messenger Call and Text on iPhone/iPad in 2023

Get here how to Disable Facebook Messenger calls 2022? Are you distracted by Facebook calls or text getting on Facebook messenger from your FB friends? Here is the quick and intelligent way to stop annoying activity officially using some blocking options available on the messenger iOS app. Without any predefined alert, blocking notification, you can block your friends on your Time with just a single tap. Now in a new Facebook profile code, Time to go harassment on messenger application may be raised; before that, learn how we block facebook messenger call or text step by step.

New released features, Start chat by scanning code; mostly public sharing profile you need to block selected profile on messenger, to stop irritating message or call.

Steps for Block Facebook Messenger call and Text on iOS

Note: Message and Call on Facebook iPhone; you must use FaceBook messenger. So that’s the only way you can stop calls or Messages coming to you only on the messenger app.

  • Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger app on iPhone/ iPad.
  • Step 2: Next, Tap on the Name of Recipients from the list.
Go to Facebook Messenger Profile on iPhone
Go to Facebook Messenger Profile on iPhone
  • Step 3: Next, Tap on Name of profile to see all options (Notification, Nicknames, Audio Call/ Video Call or invite to the messenger) to manage profile individually.
    • Go at the beneath of the screen, Tap on the block.
  • Block Facebook Account from iPhone Messenger App
    Block Facebook Account from iPhone Messenger App
  • Next to Enable Block Messages toggle.
  • Block on Messenger iPhone app
    Block on Messenger iPhone app
  • This will stop/ Disable all Types of messages, Calls from selected profiles only. After that, you are still a friend. And the other option is “block this on Facebook” will be an un-friend and no type of activity will show in the future.
  • Ignore Messages conversation on iPhone
    Ignore Messages conversation on iPhone

    Note: You Don’t want to stop incoming missed calls or texts from the conversation, But only stop notification, then Turn it off From profile > Notification > Choose time duration.

    Block Facebook messenger call or text message, pretty interesting and helpful to anyone. Just share with your friends or connect with us for more upcoming updates.

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