How to Block Facebook Messenger Calls and Text on iPhone

Block Facebook Messenger Calls and Text on iPhone

Get here how to Disable Facebook Messenger calls & Messages? Are you distracted by Facebook calls or texts getting on Facebook Messenger from your FB friends? Here is a quick and intelligent way to stop annoying activity officially using some blocking options available on the Messenger iOS app. Without any predefined alert or blocking notification, … Read more

How to Turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook iPhone, Pc in 2024

How to Turn off Autoplay Facebook video on iPhone iPad Mobile App and PC

Know here how to turn off Autoplay Facebook video on iPhone? Popular social media network Facebook has introduced an Auto-paly video feature. We don’t know what Facebook wants to change in its platform. However, the auto-play feature is still annoying for users, likely iPhone and Android, because auto-play Facebook videos plays automatically as you scroll. … Read more

How to Unfollow Everyone on Facebook on iPhone, PC in 2024

Follow and Unfollow all the facebook friends in iPhone, iPad: iOS 8/ iOS 7

To stop seeing posts from Facebook friends who aren’t on your list, unfollow them on the website or iPhone app. There is an unfollow everyone on Facebook Chrome extension available, but it is not trusted, in my opinion. Similarly, Many third-party tools offer a service to unfollow everyone on Facebook with one click. I never … Read more

How to Turn off Facebook Microphone iOS 17 on iPhone

3 Turn on or Off microphone access on iPhone iPad for Facebook or Skype

The iPhone’s microphone can be accessed by apps with privacy rights granted under the iOS settings. This guide covers ways to enable or disable microphone access on apps like Facebook, Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and more. These tips are also helpful in sending mute videos in Facebook Messenger or posting videos on the … Read more

How to Set up Two-Factor Authentication for Facebook iPhone App

In this article, I’m sharing with you how to Set up Two-factor Authentication for Facebook. For security reasons, you need to launch or activate two-step verification, now available on Facebook after Gmail or connected Google services, Dropbox. Then, confidentially, you can use your Facebook account on a third-party iOS app for sign-up and registration. Using … Read more