Check Cellular Data Usage on Apple Watch Series 3: Enable/Disable

Now on Cellular apple watch Series 3 most advanced smartwatch ever. Now we can make a call or send text from apple watch while iPhone away from you. We also turn or play music on Apple music on Cellular data. Just turn on Cellular Data and Turn on while not in use. Normally, anyone beware from unhealthy data while on mobile data compared to WiFi. Apple’s new Series 3 Apple watches designed with smart connectivity. If Wi-Fi is not available because of your iPhone is away from Watch, So apple watch auto connect with cellular if it’s turn on.

Or poor Signal strength, Apple watch automatically connect your iPhone’s Bluetooth + Wi-Fi if it’s nearby.

Let’s see how to check and find total data usage on Apple watch Series 3 [step by step Guide]

Step 1: Open “My Watch App” on iPhone.

Step 2: Then, Tap on May Watch tab from bottom app screen.

Step 3: Just below the carrier, See Current Period Data. It’s showing how much data used by your watch used in cellular mode.

1 Cellular Data usage on Apple Watch

Enable/Turn off Cellular Data on Apple watch Series 3

To Open Control Center on Apple watch, Swipe up finger on a watch face.

See Cellular icon, if it’s green that means your Apple watch connected to cellular data. Also, see the Network signal strength.

Cellular button showing White, that means cellular turn on but it’s connected with your iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

2 Enable and Disable Cellular Data on apple watch

Note: Your Apple Watch and iPhone must use the same carrier. If we need to change carrier on apple watch then sign up for the new plan on apple watch.

To add a New plan, On your iPhone open Apple Watch app > My Watch Tab > Cellular > Add New plan to automatically switch plan on apple watch.

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I am suggesting to keep turn off cellular data when not in use because it consumes more power. Hope you enjoyed Apple Watch Series 3 by Manage Cellular data anytime.