10 Christian Wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

Wallpapers have a great impact on our day-to-day life. If you are a Christian or religious person who believes in Jesus and loves exploring bible quotes, then you will love our Christian Wallpaper Collections. Despite other Wallpaper Apps, we have picked the best wallpapers that will give you daily encouragement and upliftment to stay positive and peaceful.

1. Christian wallpapers

Elevate your device screen with serene Christian wallpapers, capturing the essence of faith and inspiring moments, creating a visual sanctuary for daily reflection.

Christian Wallpaper for iPhone

2. Bible verse wallpaper

Bless your iPhone screen with the holy bible verse. This wallpaper will serve as a daily reminder of hope, strength, and faith. 

Bible Verse Wallpaper for iPhone

3. Jesus and angels in heaven

Add Jesus, a central figure, to your iPhone background surrounded by ethereal angels, symbolizing purity and protection and feeling the presence of divine beings.

Jesus and Angels in Heaven for iPhone

4. Prayer candle, bible, and rosary

In the gentle glow of a prayer candle, create a sacred ritual against the backdrop of serene Black Wallpapers, where spirituality finds its quiet refuge.

Prayer Candle Bible and Rosary for iPhone

5. Neon bible verse wallpaper

Change Lock Screen Wallpaper with our neon bible verse wallpaper and illuminate your surroundings with the vibrant glow and divine inspiration.

Neon Bible Verse Wallpaper for iPhone

6. Black Christian Wallpaper

Embark on a journey of faith with Black Dynamic Wallpaper, and experience the high-resolution visuals seamlessly with timeless spirituality. 

Black Christian Wallpaper for iPhone

7. Bible verse purple background

Brighten your iPhone screen with the profound beauty of Bible verses set against a regal purple background, where the richness of the hue mirrors the depth of spiritual wisdom. 

Bible Verse Purple Background for iPhone

8. Cross galaxy wallpaper

Replace your Halloween iPhone Wallpaper with holy cross galaxy wallpaper. The symbol of the cross radiates a universal grace that resonates beyond earthly bounds. 

Cross Galaxy Wallpaper for iPhone

9. Aesthetic Christian wallpaper

This aesthetic Christian wallpaper captivates the senses and becomes a visual hymn, echoing the timeless truth that reverberates through art and faith. 

Aesthetic Christian Wallpaper for iPhone

10. Beautiful Christian wallpaper

Grace your screen with a beautiful Christian wallpaper, where serene imagery meets faith-filled simplicity, creating a visual sanctuary that whispers timeless truths with every glance. Let your device reflect the beauty of belief in every pixel.

Beautiful Christian Wallpaper for iPhone


Adding Christian wallpapers for your iPhone adds a touch of positivity and inspiration to your daily routine. It’s a simple way to carry your faith with you, offering constant reminders of hope and joy. Also, if you wish to set shuffle wallpaper on iPhone then don’t forget to take a look at some of our coolest wallpaper recommendations, including  Fall Wallpapers, Spring wallpapers, natural wallpaper, God of War Ragnarok Wallpapers, and  Panoramic Photo as Wallpaper to infuse your iPhone screen with a wonderful experience. 

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