How To Clean MacBook Charging Port (Clogged & Dusty USB Port)

Unlike MacBook Keyboard, Something stuck in MacBook charging port often attracts a lot of dirt or debris for various reasons. If you aren’t able to charge your MacBook, you probably spend some time to clear dirt and debris in the Charging Port. 

And if you avoid frequently cleaning the layer of grease gets stuck and penetrates inside the USB Port and ultimately can go various issues!

But don’t fret; USB-C charging ports are easy to clean. And what’s great, it only takes a few minutes, and that’s without taking the help of a Technician. Once you know How to clean MagSafe port, we suggest cleaning the charge port once a month at your convenient method.

Best Methods to clean MagSafe Port for Beginners

A MagSafe port is an adaptable port that lets you charge the phone rapidly. But now that you work all day, working depends on USB charging. So it becomes more important to know how to clean MacBook charging ports. Here is everything you must get familiar with.

Use Compressed Air


Compressed Air Gas is one of the best and easy to clear dirt and debris in a charging port of an Electronic Gadget. Before using it, you need to turn off the phone. Next, locate the straw in a particular area and blow the air multiple times, and your work is done.  

Use Toothpick (Ignore Metal Toothpick)

Compressed air is one of the safest ways, but if there is a layer of grease, that won’t let out. So there is no better solution than using a Toothpick. But remember to be extra careful as of now; the sharp Toothpick can damage the Metal Connector. Besides the Wooden Toothpick, you can use the Thin Point Object, but it shouldn’t be Metal. 

Use Isopropyl Alcohol


Isopropyl alcohol is the most used solution when food crumbs or beverages get stuck within the Charging port. But be sure to have 70% Isopropyl Solution at most of it. 

Apart from this, you must avoid using too much Isopropyl Solution as it can damage the Metal Charging Port. 

Once you get it, deep the cotton swab into the Isopropyl solution. Next, move around the cotton swapped inside the charging port. Continue this procedure multiple times, to clean the port in more better way. That’s It! Now you have a clean charging port MacBook air.

Use Electric Air Duster


Another effective solution you must take note of is using an Electric Air Duster to remove the dry dust. The electric air duster works smarter and in a better way. You need to enable this electric gadget and blow it around the port multiple times. However, it works great if there is Dry Dust within the port, for grease like dust you must always prefer using Toothpick.

How To Clean Magsafe Port

Unlike the USB-C MacBook Charging port, MagSafe ports are always convenient while juicing up the MacBook. But what when dust and debris get stuck in the Magsafe; don’t panic; it’s the simple procedure to clean out MacBook charging port.

Step: 1 Unplug the MagSafe Port from the primary power source. Next, detach the Battery from the MacBook.

Step: 2 Equip yourself with a Toothbrush or a Cotton Swab. Note that the object used shouldn’t be wet at the same point they are filled with dirt or debris. Moreover, it shouldn’t be made from Metal.

Step: 3 Clean up the charging port using the brush or cotton swab. Clear out all the visible dust and debris. Similarly, clean up the charging the Connector as usual. 

Always recommend doing similar tasks frequently, once a month. However, you can also use Compressed Air Gas to clean the Magsafe Charging Port.

Visit a nearby Apple store to get MacBook charging port replacement cost. in case of hardware issues.

Bottom Line

That’s it, Folks! These are some of the best ways to clean the charging port of any MacBook. However, if you came across the trick to clean charging, which doesn’t appear in this article, let us know by dropping it in the comment box below. 

Q1: Do Macbook USB-C Ports Wear Out?

The issue appears after a long term of usage. It looks like a poorly manufactured part as it loses the MacBook USB-C port over time. Due to this connection becoming loose and issues like MacBook not charging takes place.

Q2: Can You Clean USB-C Port With Alcohol?

No, you can use a cotton swab deep 70% Isopropyl solution since the Alcohol can damage the Charging Port.

Q3: How Do You Clean An Oxidized USB Port?

With the corroded USB, firstly try removing the corrosion using the clean cotton cloth dampened in the Isopropyl solution. Ignore using Household cleaners or Alcohol. Also, ensure the Battery is disconnected while doing this task.  

Q4: How Can I Clean My USB-C Port Without Compressed Air?

First of all, buy compressed Air Gas, then after gently moving it around the USB Port, perform it for the multiple it will show results.

Q5: How Do I Fix The USB C Port On My Macbook Pro?

If your USB-C port isn’t charging your MacBook Pro, try cleaning it out by performing any of the methods mentioned above in the article. As the dust and debris can hinder normal functioning. And if it is still not working, carry it to the nearest service station and ask for repair.

Q6: How Do You Get Gunk Out Of Charging Port?

Using the Cotton Swab dumped in the Isopropyl Solution can efficiently remove all junk within the port.

Q7: Can I Use A Toothpick To Clean My Charging Port?

Yes, you can use a Toothpick, but one made of Wood since a metal toothpick can damage the USB Port.

Q8: How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Charging Port Cleaned Out?

If you want to clean the charging port with a professional, it can cost almost $25-$30. Well, on your own, it can cost not more than a wooden toothpick with cotton on the head and isopropyl solution

Q9: Is There Dirt In My Charging Port?

Searching out if there is dirt or debris on the MacBook Charging port is accessible. Place torch light inside the port, and if you won’t able to see Metal Charging Contacts on the other side Lint, and dust visible, it means you need to clean it out.

Q10: How Do I Know If My Charger Port Is Damaged?

The first sign of a damaged port is that it won’t let you charge your device or randomly disconnects your phone while charging. Another possibility is dust and debris within the port. 

Q11: Why Is My Laptop Plugged In But Not Charging?

The most common reasons are faulty battery sensors, malfunctioning motherboards, and a corrupted charging port. Also, you can check the dust and debris within the Charging Port as it’s found to be a common reason for MacBook not charging. 

Q12: How Can I Charge My Macbook Pro Without A Charger?

No, you won’t charge MacBook Pro without charger. You have to charge the MacBook using the charger you have to receive while unboxing.

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