How To Clean Apple Keyboard in 2024 (MacBook, Magic Keyboard)

The Apple Mac/MacBooks produces top-notch features that make it enjoyable to users. What when the keyboard used along with Mac or MacBook is unresponsive due to dirt, dust, debris, and wax clogged under the Keys, aren’t able to navigate through? 

However, heap and clog meshes over time and reduces the response speed of the key and sometimes keys need to be pressed hard to represent character on the Screen. And the worst scenario, it might result is Key Not Working At All!

Whether your Mac or MacBook Keyboard doesn’t work, or you made up your mind to clean your Apple keyboard regularly, as of now and forever, Apple Products are expensive. Keep reading to see How To Clean Apple Keyboard.

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Clean Apple Keyboard on MacBook, Apple Magic Keyboard & Touch ID Keyboard

Food crumbs, dirt, and beverages can mess Mac or MacBook keyboard, which is unhygienic and hinders keyboard functionalities. If that’s so with M1 MacBook or Apple keyboard, it’s time to clean your keyboard.

Is It OK To Use Disinfectant On Apple Products? Things To Be Noted…

  • As per Apple, the disinfectant consuming 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 75% of Clorox Disinfecting or Ethyl Alcohol is best to clean any Apple Product. Avoid disinfectant consuming Hydrogen Peroxide, or Bleach, don’t use Leather or Fabric.
  • Unplug the Keyboard before cleaning. 
  • Never use the Metallic to let debris present under the keyboard as it might scratch the keys. 
  • Keep one-hand distance from the Water while cleaning the keyboard.  
  • Detach the batteries from the keyboard if the batteries are detachable. However the Magic keyboard doesn’t include a detachable battery, simply turn toggle from the right side of keyboard. 

Turn Around And Shake To Remove Loose Debris (Not For MacBook)

Flip the Apple Numeric and Magic Keyboard and next shake but be gentle. Most of the time Food, Pet Hair, and Debris can fall out easily. Continue this procedure for multiple times; each time tilt the keyboard in a different direction. 

Use ToothBrush

The toothbrush(Soft Toothbrush) can do a lot more than any other way to remove grime from Mac keyboard. The main motive to use the Toothbrush is to reach unreachable spots under the Keys. And using it is pretty straightforward, move gently under the keys multiple times and your work is done. 

Use Compressed Air


The compressed air method is itself promoted by Apple when it comes to cleaning the keyboard. As of now and forever, it firmly removes Trapped Dust. However, you must be equipped with an Air Duster Disposable Keyboard Clearner. 

Note: We suggest keeping the Straw at a distance of half inch away from the keyboard when sprayed. 

  1. Carry and Hold the M1 MacBook in 75-Degrees.
  2. Blow the compressed air in a Zig-Zag manner on the Keyboard or an affected area.
  3. Rotate the keyboard to the left side and clean and blow air from right to left.
  4. Similarly, rotate the keyboard to the right side and clean in the same manner. That’s It!

Use Dust Vacuum Cleaner


The Dust Vacuum is dedicatedly designed to remove stubborn debris using suction power.  Turn it on, move around all keys since tough debris gets wedged. Ensure none of the keys are loose or broken it will completely let it out from the Keyboard..,

Take Out Gel


Searching for an icky and effective solution to clean Apple keyboard? Make some investment on the Keyboard Cleaning Gel. With a sticky property, the gel let out the dust and debris stuck between the keys. And it’s cost effective too, as you can multiple times until the Gel gets dark. 

Clean Around Keys Using Cotton Swapped Dipped In The Isopropyl Solution


Gently submerge the Cotton Swab in the Isopropyl Solution, but keep light to prevent moisture under the Keys. Move around the Cotton Swap around all the keys so that there is no leftover of dust and debris. Repeat the same thing multiple times. It’s top-notch procedure as Alcohol effectively removes clogged dirt, but it should be done with precision as it can remove the printed Character on the key. 

Clean Greasy Fingerprints On My Mac Keyboard With Cloth Dampened In Isopropyl Solution 

Gear up yourself with a paper towel or lint-free cloth and light dampened it in the Isopropyl Solution. Next, move it on the key and pick one that is frequently used but don’t scrub it hard. Alcohol can remove Alphabet, Numeric, and Symbols printed over the keys. 

Pop The Keys Off My Keyboard To Clean (On Your Own Risk) 


Cleaning the keys is quite easy but what happens when something gets stuck under the keycaps or it completely becomes Sticky Keys? Well in this situation you need to equip yourself with something that is very hard and thin; just like DIYSELF Excato Knife. Now move the keyboard up to 90-Degree and gently, insert the  Knife under the button and let out the bar from those plastic hinges. Once the key gets detached you can use either Smooth Brush, Cloth, Cotton Swapped, or Wipes and don’t leave the residue. Ensure, to clean the Underside of the keys. 

Can I Use Alcohol Wipes On Mac Keyboard? Clear Your Doubt


Using wipes having 70% of Isopropyl Alcohol is OK to be used on Apple products like Keyboard, Display or other products. However, wipes are also available in the market; specially designed to clean the keyboard and one of my personal recommendations is Weiman Disinfectant. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Mac Keys?

It will be likely to charge around $125 if the key isn’t damaged by water and other liquid. For those repair, it might cost around $600-1300. However, the case of MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook if you find out unexpected repetition of characters, characters do not appear, or keys feel sticky when pressed can get replace for free.

Bottom Line!

The Keyboard is an essential part of the Mac. And they might misbehave if you fail to clean up frequently. All the methods to clean the Apple Keyboard mentioned in the article are proven and effective.


With that said, keep in mind that Apple Keyboard needs to be clean routinely to prevent food crumbs, dust, debris, and beverage to build up. So you might also pay a bit to buy Walfrid Laptop Cleaning Kit. As the tool includes the tool to clean every part of the Mac or M1 Macbook.

How Long Do Magic Keyboards Last?

It’s completely rechargeable just like the iPhone. Apple claims; with an incredibly durable battery; keyboard can last for a Month or more when charged in between. 

Is Magic Keyboard Waterproof?

To make it cost effective, the Magic keyboard isn’t waterproof or water resistant.  So it’s better to keep one hand away from water. 

Does Apple Clean Your Keyboard For Free?

Apple Authorized Center or Apple will offer service eligible MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook, free of cost. 

What Do You Do If Your Mac Keyboard Gets Wet?

First thing first, remove the Turn off the Mac, detach all the plugs. Next place the MacBook in the dry towel or microfiber cloth. Let it as it is for a minimum 24 hours. 

Note: Do not use a Hair Dryer or place the MacBook in direct Sunlight as too much heat can damage the device. 

Can Cleaning Keyboard Damage It?

Disinfectant Solution having Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide or wet cloth can damage your Apple Keyboard. But in case, the guideline while cleaning the keyboard along with precautions can prevent such possibilities. 

Is It Ok To Clean Macbook With Alcohol?

To clean the MacBook or Apple Magic keyboard, you can use a disinfectant solution with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 75% of Clorox and gently wipe on the Keys. 

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