How to Convert Keynote to PowerPoint Presentation

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Keynote for presentation is widely used by people who prefer to stay in Apple Ecosystem. Unfortunately, the Keynote file is useless for non-macOS users, as the Keynote is only Apple limited app and won’t work on Windows or any other operating system. But there is nothing to worry about; we’ve prepared this article to show you two different ways to convert Keynote to PowerPoint Presentation on Mac, MacBook.

iCloud stocks many Apple native apps, including Keynote, and that is the first way we’re going to show you how to convert Keynote files to PowerPoint on Windows or any apps.

How to Convert Keynote Presentations to PowerPoint

Method 1: Convert Online, Without Mac or MacBook

To get this free converter, you must have your own or your Friend’s Apple icloud account.

Use any of the web browsers to open the iCloud and follow the below steps to convert keynote to PowerPoint Presentation in just a minute. You can open the iCloud on any web browser, including Windows PC.

  1. Visit the iCloud Website on any browser [Mac or PC].
  2. Enter the Apple ID and Password to log in.
  3. Find and open the Keynote Application in the
  4. Upload the Keynote on the iCloud Keynote Page; use Drag and Drop or click on Upload and select Keynote file from Mac.upload-your-keynote-file-on-icloud-keynote-from-browser
  5. There look for the three-dots button to explore more
  6. Alternatively, click on the Tools in a top menu bar and select Download a Copy.
  7. And select Download a Copy.
  8. From different formats, choose
  9. And let the Keynote convert and download into PowerPoint Presentation in Mac.
  10. Access from your Mac’s finder or From Safari Download manager.allow-to-download-converted-in-to-powerpoint-file
  11. That’s it.
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Method 2: Convert Keynote into PowerPoint Using App, Offline

If you are using Mac, MacBook, then use the default Keynote App to convert the Keynote to PowerPoint.

  1. Launch the Keynote App on your Mac.
  2. Press the Command + Space Bar and when Spotlight search opens, search the Keynote app and open it.
  3. Open the Keynote that you want to convert into PowerPoint in the Keynote App.
  4. Next, click on File in the top menu bar.
  5. Select Export To > PowerPoint.export-or-convert-keynote-file-in-powerpoint-presentation-file
  6. When the prompt, “Create a PowerPoint document that can be viewed & edited with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  7. Select
  8. Let the process completes, and Mac converts Keynote to PowerPoint Presentation.
  9. Download and save on your Mac.export-keynote-in-powerpoint-on-mac

That’s the process for convert any Keynote file into Powerpoint file offline on Mac or MacBook.

Method 3: Convert Keynote to PDF Offline or Online

Want to Convert Keynote to PDF? Yes, it is possible too. Here’s how to convert Keynote to PDF.

Online method is helpful to open Keynote file on Windows, Ubuntu or On any other MacOS. then convert in to PDF file as well. Follow the step below,

  1. Open on your Desktop Browser [Mac or PC]. next, Select keynote and Upload your Keynote file in iCloud.
  2. Next, Click on Three more buttons> Download a Copy
  3. Now, Select the PDF File option then Save the converted file on Mac.convert-keynote-file-in-pdf-online-free
  4. Allow, to download the file on Mac’s Browser and Save in Finder.
  5. That’s it.

Convert Keynote to PDF Offline

  1. Open the Keynote App on Mac; use Spotlight search to open the Keynote App for faster results.
  2. Next, open the Keynote in the Keynote App.
  3. Click on File in the top menu bar.
  4. Select Export To > Export to PDF.export-keynote-file-in-to-pdf-on-mac
  5. And Save it on Mac.
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Convert Keynote to PowerPoint Online

Yes, you can convert Keynote to PowerPoint Online using the iCloud web version, which can be done irrespective of any operating system. This is the only option available for Windows users to convert the Keynote to PowerPoint; refer to the first section of this article to know the process.

Please comment here if your device doesn’t convert the Keynote file into Powerpoint Presentation or PPTX/ PDF file. To get more on this topic, please visit the Apple website.

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