How To Insert A Table Of Contents In Word on Mac & Windows

This tutorial helps you to create a Table of Contents in a Word document on a daily basis while you are creating a Word document with multiple pages. Also, manage Multiple Headings and Subheadings in the Table of contents, Then Edit, Modify, and Remove TOC on MS Word. Using this article, Make the Content Index of the whole Doc file on the first page or Anywhere you want.

Later, we can update Headings and make Subheadings in the Table of Contents. Also know how to Update page numbers in the Table of contents in Microsoft Word 365, 2007, 2013, 2016. we prepared a hands-on video tutorial, Given at the last of this article.

Use Verity of Table of Contents design, to make that attractive. Let’s see.

This Table of Contents in Microsoft Word will work like links or Hyperlinks. Just click on the heading and move to Word document by jumping in that content.

Step to Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word on Mac and Windows

  1. First Apply Headings in Whole Documents. To make subheadings, Use the Headings number [Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, and Heading 5] in a hierarchy. Heading 2 will become a subheading of Heading 1, Heading 3 becomes a subheading of Heading 2, and so on.

Apply Headings on Word Document file

Headings Type available under the home tab in a word document.

  1. add a new page at the top for the Table of content or Move the heading time into a new page using the Page Break function. Keep the cursor on the position when you add a new Blank page or Move into a new page. Go to insert tab > Select Blank page to add a new page or Page Break for a move into another page.Insert Blank page or Page Break on Microsoft Word
  2. Add a Table of Contents, Keep one blank page using the above step, and Add a Table of contents on the first bank page by following the below step,
    • Keep the Cursor on the First blank page, Select Preferences Section > Select Table of Contents > here’s a list of predefined Table format > Select any of them and add a Table of contents automatically.Select Table of Content Layout on Office word
    • That’s it.
    • If you are making changes in documents like move content to a new page or Change Subheadings. TOC on Microsoft Word
    • Then you have to modify the Table of contents once the changes applied to Microsoft Word. Follow the Next topic.

Modify Existing Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

That means you have to update Headings types, Remove or add new Headingd or Change Page number in the Table of Contents into a Word file.

That’s all possible with a simple step.

  1. Select the Table of Content in the word document, and click on the Down arrow icon near Table of Contents. And Select Update Table.Update Table for Modify changes on Table of content in Office word
  2. Now, the Document will ask to update the table for, “Update Page number only” or “Update the entire table“. Select the preferred option and click ok to apply changes on the Table of Contents in Word Table at the top of the document. Or Correct the Page number in the Table of Contents in Word, if you added some content or moved content to a new page using a page break.Update entire table
  3. See Introduction is added in headings, in the same way, Make Subheadings in Table of Content in Word, move any heading into subheading, Heading 2, Heading 3, 4 or 5. Ten Update Table to see the changes.TOC modified in Word Document

if the Table is not updating or Apply changes with some error. Then I recommend creating another copy of the document file, then delete the Table of contents from the word, and Re-create the new Table of contents. And the reasons behind not updating the table are format is not valid or your Microsoft Office version does not support making changes.

Add Appendix to table of contents in Word

The appendix automatically applies to the Table of Contents in Word. To make changes like this,

  • Give Numbering to Headings. Select Appendix format for Table of content in Office word
  • And Use Increase Indent to apply appendix to other subheadings or Use Decrease Indent to remove from heading and Change numbering format as well.Appendix applied for Sub headings on Office word document

Once you apply Numbering to All Headings in a document, Update the Table of Contents in a Word file. By selecting Table and Click on Arrow > Update Table.Update Table of content for apply Appendix

Update Entire table and Ok. to apply changes on the Table.Appendix added in Table of contents in Word

That’s it.

Change Table of Contents Design in Word

Create your Custom Design and Style on the Table of Contents in Word. Directly apply these changes in the Word document from the design tab.

  1. Select Table and Go into Design section. Then, Select the Pre-ready design, Apply new color from the Colour option, and Apply Different font styles Under the fonts option.Apply Design and Change font style on Table of contents in word
  2. Also, see more options for paragraph spacing, page color, page border, and more

Delete Table of Contents in Word

In Such Cases, users have to Remove the Table of Contents in Microsoft Word. Don’t worry, Removing TOC from a Word file will not delete Data such as Headings or more. This action will remove the Table from the file only. If you are unsure, keep a backup of the file before applying changes to a large file.

  1. Select Table of Content from the Word file.Remove Table of contents in word
  2. And, Click on the Down arrow, for options, Select Remove Table of Contents.
  3. That’s it.

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