How to enable or disable contacts access in Clubhouse App in 2023

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When we download any app on a smartphone, our first concern is, appears to be, how far the app is safe and can maintain our privacy. You may have experienced data breach notification if you’re using an iOS device, while android devices don’t show such messages. And when it comes to Clubhouse App, many people have raised concerns about how Clubhouse uses the contacts to Find People on Clubhouse. To cover these, we’ve prepared a short tutorial and guide to explain how and why Clubhouse uses the connections.

Adjusting Clubhouse contacts settings doesn’t require any expertise, you have already changed these settings for different apps. Apart from this, if you have any more queries regarding the Clubhouse app, feel free to shoot comments to get it resolved.

How to Adjust Clubhouse Contacts Settings?

We’ve divided the following tutorial into three segments, read each and learn how to adjust Clubhouse contacts settings step by step. Here are tricks to how to find friends on clubhouse. Read the full guide to Find contacts on Clubhouse.

How Clubhouse uses Contacts? Clubhouse contacts Access Guide

The Clubhouse has emerged to be the most popular app in recent days; unlike any other apps, signing up on Clubhouse is a bit tricky unless your friend or colleague is already a Clubhouse user. The existing user has to send an invite, and then only one can sign up to Clubhouse via the invite link and be a part of the Clubhouse community with Clubhouse contacts permission.

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Signing up to Clubhouse will ask you to access the Contacts stored on your device. Using the same, the Clubhouse App will show you the contacts registered on Clubhouse and which aren’t so that you can send invites to them.
In short, the Clubhouse uses Contacts to refer and at the same time to let you know your contacts are using the Clubhouse app.

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How to Disable Contacts Access for Clubhouse?

The bottom steps will let you Delete Contacts From the Clubhouse app on iOS and Android App.

Steps to clubhouse remove contacts On iOS,

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll the screen to tap on the Clubhouse app.
Open the settings scroll on clubhouse on iphone
  1. Turn the toggle to the left side to turn off Cotntacs for Clubhouse App.
Turn off contact toggle to left side to disable phone number list on clubhouse app on iPhone

How to Unsync Contacts in Clubhouse App

Step #1. Open Clubhouse App
Step #2. Tap Profile on the top-right side coroner.

Open the clubhouse tap on the profile icon on iphone

Step #3. Tap the Settings (gear) icon.
Step #4. Tap Username

Click on settings tap on the username on iphone

Step #5. On this screen, turn the toggle to the left side to turn off Sync contacts.
Step #6. Tap Yes, I’m sure.

Click sync contacts toggle green choose yes,i'm sure on iphone

Step #7. Click Remove all contacts.
Step #8. Choose Yes, I’m sure.

Click remove all contacts click on yes i'm sure on iphone

That’s it.

Steps to disable contact from settings for Clubhouse App On Android,

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Find the Clubhouse app.
  3. Open Permissions option.
  4. And disable Contacts from there.

How do I allow clubhouse to access my contacts?

Like any other app, you can quickly give and revoke access of Contacts from the Clubhouse App. The procedure remains the same; however, if you don’t know, here’s how to allow contacts to Clubhouse App.

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On iOS,

  1. Open the Settings app on iOS.
  2. Please scroll down to tap Clubhouse setting.
  3. Turn the toggle to the right side to allow Contacts access.

On Android,

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Search for Clubhouse app.
  3. Go to Permissions.
  4. Make sure the Contacts are enabled.

After Done above steps, you can find your contacts on clubhouse App; no matter what smartphone you have iOS and Android.

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Can you see who viewed your clubhouse profile?

No, there isn’t a way to track your Clubhouse profile visitor. But I hope, in a future update, the Clubhouse founder will add Instagram-style features to make Clubhouse profile Private, visible for followers, and hide for public users.

For that, you can send feedback via Clubhouse Support.

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