How to Disable Screenshot & Empty Trash Sound on Mac (Sonoma)

Here's how to Disable Screen Shot, Trash, Email sent, and User Interface Sound Effects on Mac completely. or Manage it.

A sound effect denoting the completion of the task is heard every time a MacBook user moves a file to the trash or takes a screenshot; a sound effect indicating the completion of the job can be heard. The screenshot sound is similar to the sound that the camera shutter makes each time you click a picture. Although these sounds serve their purpose as an indication of a task getting started or even when completed, some users might find it very annoying and want to mute or turn off the finder sound effects on their MacBooks.

This article sheds light on the easy and practical ways by which one can get rid of the screenshot sound effect on their Mac. To remove the finder sound effects like the screenshot sound, pay close attention to the methods described in this post.

Disable the Screenshot and other User Interface Sound Effects in the macOS

Disabling the screenshot and user interface sound effects on macOS is a simple process that can be carried out in multiple ways. One of those methods is by going to the settings of your MacBook and disabling the sound effects. Follow the steps explained in detail below in this section to disable the screenshot sound and other user interface sound effects in macOS.

On MacOS Ventura & later: Turn off Screen Short & Trash Sound on Mac

Step. 1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

Step. 2→ Next, Select Sound Option from the left side of the window pane > And Disable the toggle “Play user interface sound effects” to turn off the Screenshot sound and Other Trash sounds on Mac.

play-user-interface-sound-effects-on-mac-in-macos-ventura-update (1)

There is another option “Play sound effects through” to Change the Output Device for Sound effects on Mac. If you can’t listen to Sound effects on your Mac internal speaker then Enable it or also check “Play sound effects through” as an Output audio device.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier: Turn off Screen Shot & Trash Sound on Mac

Step. 1→ On the desktop screen of your Mac, tap on the Apple menu at the top left side of the screen.

Step. 2→ Now, select system preferences from the list of numerous options available in the drop-down menu and open it.


Step. 3→ Then, tap on the sound preference panel in the system preferences window.


Step. 4→ Within the sound effect window, look for the setting “Play user interface sound effects” and disable it by unchecking the box in front of it. To Stop Volume level alert on change, Also uncheck “Play feedback when volume is changed“.


Sometimes are you unhappy with your Mac playing System sound in a connected sound system or a Home theater or Projector speaker. Here’s the great option to change it and set it to your Mac or MacBook’s speaker. Select Speaker from the select box option, “Play sound effects through


The process explained above will disable the screenshot and other interface sound effects on your Mac. You can check if the settings have been applied by taking a screenshot or moving something into the trash bin. The settings have been successfully applied to your system if you can take the screenshot without any sound effects.

Silently Take Screenshots Using the Command Line.

Another effective but slightly lengthy process of disabling the screenshot sound effect on the MacBook is using the command line to take the screenshots for you. The command “screen capture” can be used to capture a silent screenshot with the help of the command line by typing in the following code-

“screen capture -x quiet.jpg.”

The macOS users can also empty their trash bin silently by entering the command given underneath in the command line.

“ rm ~/.Trash/* ”

Suppose you don’t take screenshots very often and are not willing to permanently mute the interface sound effects in macOS. In that case, using the command line to take screenshots and move files to trash silently is the best way to deal with some of the unnecessary input sound effects on your system.

3: Defaults Write Command to Disable the Screenshot sound and other System UI Audio Sound Effects.

Some users find using the defaults command to disable the screen sound and other system UI audio sound effects a more straightforward method. 

Therefore, to mute the system UI sound effects in the macOS, enter the following defaults command-

defaults write “” -int 0


If at any point you feel like enabling the system UI sound effects back, it can also be put into effect with the help of the following defaults command-

defaults write “” -int 1

By following the method described above, macOS users can enable or disable the screenshot sound and other system UI sound effects with the help of the default command very quickly.

Another method of disabling the screenshot sound on Mac is by using the mute button on the keyboard to mute off your system audio. However, this process might sound very simple and appealing; note that muting the system audio with the help of the mute button will mute all the audio on your Mac unless you manually unmute it.

These methods discussed in this post are the simplest and most widely used ways to get rid of the screenshot sound on their MacBooks. We have explained each way of getting rid of the screenshot sound on your Mac, either by disabling the input sound effects or using the command line or defaults command to take a screenshot silently. So go through the steps given above, decide which methods meet your needs, and use them to eliminate the screenshot sound on your Mac.

Q and A→ 

Can I change the screenshot sound on Mac? How to Change System sound on Mac!

The users of macOS Monterey or later versions cannot change or alter the screenshot sound on their MacBooks due to the Privacy restrictions of their devices.

you have to replace the system sound file with the format of music file, .aif or .caf to see all the file on your Mac, follow the below steps,

Open the Finder on Mac. From the top menu, Go > Go to Folder > Type the below folder path,

  • /System/Library/Components/CoreAudio.component/Contents/SharedSupport/SystemSounds

And hit the return to find “SystemSounds” folder.


Here you can find the Sound file on Mac under the finder folder,

  • accessibility
  • dock
  • facetime
  • finder
  • ink
  • siri
  • empty trash
  • move to trash
  • begin_record
  • burn complete
  • burn failed
  • end_record
  • Grab
  • payment_failure
  • payment_success
  • Screen Capture
  • screen_sharing_tarted
  • send message
  • Shutter

However, the users of macOS Big Sur and Earlier versions are allowed to change the screenshot and other system UI sound effects. The sound of taking a screenshot, moving a file to trash, and various other system UI sound effects can be changed by going to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Sounds.

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