Randomly Mute The Bluetooth Mic on Headset Using Microsoft Teams Mac & PC

Here's the solutions on your Mac or PC mute the mic on Microsoft Teams randomly. and sometimes Disconnect itself from Mac or PC.

The Microsoft teams application is a software on which most top multinational companies and other mid to small-scale companies conduct their important meetings, discussions, and briefing sessions. Although the app has served well in fulfilling all the clients’ meetings and discussing needs through its online portable in the tough times of pandemic, some users have faced issues with their Bluetooth Mic getting muted randomly while using the app. That’s the cause of Hidden features or Internal software issues on Mac

The leading cause of this problem is that each time you reduce the mic input volume of your Mac, the Microsoft teams app tells the headphone to mute. Hence, to solve this problem, we have brought together some practical and simple ways by which you can solve the problem of Bluetooth headset randomly muting while using Microsoft Team on MacBook.

Solution. 1: Disable the auto adjustment of mic sensitivity feature on Microsoft Teams

Suppose you have the “automatically adjust the mic sensitivity” setting enabled on the Microsoft Teams app on your Mac. Each time you lower the input volume of the Mac to zero, the headphone’s mic’s input volume will be reduced to zero or get muted. Therefore, it is essential to disable this feature to resolve this problem. To disable the “automatically adjust the mic sensitivity” feature, go through the process explained in detail below.

Step. 1→ Launch the Microsoft Teams app on your MacBook.

Step. 2→ Go to the menu bar at the top and select the Microsoft Teams menu.

Step. 3→  Now, tap on the Preferences tab to open it.


Step. 4→ Then, hit the devices option from all the available settings in the preferences tab.

Step. 5→ Finally, look for the setting “Automatically adjust mic sensitivity” and turn it off if it is enabled.


By completing the above-described process, you have restricted the Microsoft Teams software from adjusting the mic volume of your headphones. Now try reducing the input volume of your Mac and see if the problem has been resolved.

Solution. 2: Change Input Device or Microphone on Mac

Suppose you have tried the method mentioned above but are still facing the issue of randomly getting the mic of Bluetooth headphones muted. In that case, you should try using a different headphone or input device for the microphone to check if the problem is with the headset or the Microsoft Teams application. The Mac users can change the input audio device with the help of a keyboard shortcut and a few simple steps followed by that.

Step. 1→ While on the home screen of your Mac, click on Apple Logo > system preferences.


Step. 2→ Look for the sound icon and double click on it.


Step. 3→ Now, tap on the input tab to open and manage the list of microphones.

Step. 4→ Select the microphone you want to switch to from the list.


This procedure is most effective in solving the issue of the microphone getting muted automatically while using Microsoft Teams if it was caused due to problems with your headphones.

The users can also use the keyboard shortcut keys- Option Key + Click on the Sound icon from the top menu to open and change the input device on their Macs.



Go to the Control center on Mac > Press Option + Click on Sound to see Input.


Solution. 3: Try Restarting the MacBook

Sometimes the best solution to fixing problems like the microphone on your Bluetooth headset getting muted automatically while using applications like Microsoft Teams is to restart your MacBook. By restarting your device, all the resources and system data get refreshed, which might fix any bugs or glitches during the startup. 

Once you have restarted your MacBook, open the Microsoft Teams app and try using your Bluetooth headphones again to check if the problem has been resolved.

Solution. 4: Remove all External USB Cable and Turn off Bluetooth

If restarting the Mac does not solve your problem, the next best thing you can do is remove all the external USB cables to ensure that no external device is inferring and causing this problem. 

It is also possible that your Mac must have connected to an old Bluetooth device like AirPods, which you had connected to the system in the past. So turning off the Bluetooth connection of your Mac or switching the connection between other devices can help fix this problem.

Solution. 5: Check in the Safe Mode on your Mac

Another effective and most used solution for fixing this problem is to boot up your MacBook in safe mode. By starting up the Mac in safe mode, your Mac automatically runs a few checks and prevents the applications from automatically opening on the device. Hence, using the Microsoft Teams app in safe mode might fix this problem. So, to start your MacBook in safe mode, go through these steps without taking any more time.

You have to Know, Does My Mac has an M1 or Intel processor.

Step. 1→ First, shut down your MacBook if it is already started up.

For M1 Mac

  • Step. 2→ Then, Press and Hold on the power button until you see the startup Volumes and Options on screen.
  • Step. 3→ Select Start volume, Next, Press Shift key from Keyboard > Continue in Safe mode Option.m1-mac-safe-mode

For Intel Mac

  • Step. 2→ Then, normally boot up the Mac by pressing the power button.
  • Step. 3→ As soon as you leave the power button, tap and hold the shift key on your keyboard.

Step. 4→ Now, leave the shift key once the login window appears after the Apple logo.

Step. 5→ Finally, enter your password when asked and confirm logging in to boost up your Mac in safe mode.

Now open the Microsoft Teams app and connect the Bluetooth headphones that faced the problem of getting muted randomly.

Other Important Troubleshootings that you just check

  1. Check your Bluetooth Heahpone Battery.
  2. Remove Bluetooth Headphone from Mac Bluetooth Preferences and Re-connect. Go to the Apple Logo > System Preferences > Bluetooth > Select the headphone, Right Click on it > Remove. Disable & Enable Bluetooth, and Wait for your Bluetooth Heaphone appear in the nearby bluetooth devices list. Click on connect button to pair with Mac.
  3. Check on another Mac or PC.
  4. Contact Headphone manufaturear, is it supported macOS?

Solution. 6: Update app and macOS

Sometimes if the app is not updated to the latest version, problems like headphones or mic not functioning correctly can arise. Therefore, it is recommended that the users keep their app and macOS up to date to avoid or fix any bugs and glitches that the software’s previous version had. You can check for the Microsoft Teams app updates in the application’s settings, whereas to check for updates of macOS, follow the procedure mentioned below.

Step. 1→ On the home screen, tap on the Apple logo and go to system preferences.

Step. 2→ From all the settings that you have in the system preferences tab, click on software update.

Step. 3→ Now, choose the check for updates setting in the software update pane.

After this process is complete, the MacBook will search the internet for updates and install them if available. Next, try using the same headphone you had trouble using before in Microsoft Teams to see if the problem still exists.

Solution. 7: Reinstall app or Try alternate platforms like the Web portal or the Mobile app

Suppose, even after updating the Microsoft Teams app and macOS, you are facing the problem of the mic getting muted on the Bluetooth headphones while using the Microsoft Teams app. In that case, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft Teams app on your system. 

Suppose you have reinstalled the application on our Mac but are still having the problem, then try switching to the Microsoft Teams web portal or the mobile application to keep your workflow intact.

Solution. 8: Report app developer

The final solution for fixing the issue of mic muting randomly on a Bluetooth headphone while using the Microsoft Teams app is to report the problem to the Microsoft support center. The people at the Microsoft support center will diagnose the problem on your Mac and give you the exact resolution of the issue.

Report to the app developer

Send MacOS Feedback to apple support

To provide the Mac users with simple yet effective solutions for solving the problem of the mic of the Bluetooth headphone getting muted while using the Microsoft Teams software, we have presented this list through deep analysis and customer reviews and feedback. Therefore, we aspire to make your lives much more manageable by delivering essential solutions to your problems. So try out the answers and let us know what worked for you.

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