How to Access Wallet from Lock Screen on iPhone 13 Pro Max: iOS 16.1.2

Last Updated on Oct 11, 2021

You guys, today, get here how to disable Wallet app on lock screen iPhone. Apple’s added the new app on a locked screen in iOS with customizing features. The Wallet app (revamped old passbook app) on lock screen iPhone means by without unlocking the iPhone screen. Your wallet app can access. Might it’ll enable default while you set up Apple pay already.

The guide is useful for all iOS supported devices including iPhone 12(Pro Max Mini) iPhone 11[Pro Max], iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR, XS Max, XS, 5S/SE, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 plus, iPhone x, iPhone 8/8 Plus.

Steps to Enable or disable Wallet app access on lock screen iPhone

You can learn here both (enable and disable wallet app showing on the lock screen) methods in the step by step manner.

Steps to disable Wallet from Lock Screen for iPhone X and later smartphone which has no physical home button.

Face ID enabled iOS mobile users will have to follow the bottom steps to turn off the lock screen widget.

  • Step #1. launch the Settings App on your iOS smartPhone.
  • Step #2. Next scroll the screen and tap Face ID & Passcode
    • (Note: your phone will ask you enter a passcode or use the Face ID to go to the next screen)
  • Step #3. Now scroll the screen up to the bottom till Under the Allow Access when locked section appears, and then turn Wallet toggle Off/White.

That’s it!

Steps to Enable Wallet on lock screen iPhone

  • Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Step 2. Navigate Touch ID & Passcode, then ‘’Under the Allow Access When Locked’’ section
  • Step 3. Turn on toggle WalletHow to enable or disable Wallet app on lock screen iPhone: iOS 9

That’s it!

Now go to the home screen and once lock your iPhone, then check out you’ll appear wallet app icon on the right side of the screen. Now, Quick access wallet from lock screen iPhone and will make a purchase using Apple Pay, at there you can be switch cards also.

If you worried about card data security, then as the best way you should be disabled wallet on the iPhone lock screen option. You can disable the Wallet app on the lock screen iPhone on iOS by following steps.

Steps for how to disable Wallet app access on lock screen iPhone

  • Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Step 2. Navigate Touch ID & Passcode, then ‘’Under the Allow Access When Locked’’ section
  • Step 3. Turn toggle Wallet off/ White.


From now, the wallet icon will go away from an iPhone lock screen. Please share with us how useful this tip for disabling the Wallet app on the lock screen iPhone.

You can get more on Apple documents form here.

How to Add Tickets to Apple Wallet from Email?

Being an Apple user, I don’t have to manually add the boarding pass to the Apple Wallet, as the Mail app does for me automatically. Though, in some cases, I’ve to look for the answer why is my boarding pass not showing on lock screen?

Unfortunately, there is nothing more we can do about it, manually adding the boarding pass in the wallet is the last choice.

  1. Go to the Mail app and open the email where the boarding pass is received.
  2. In the end, tap Add to Apple button and then Add

While sometimes the boarding pass will appear as a notification, once you are at the terminal, simply tap on the Add to Apple Wallet to add it, this is how you can get the boarding pass on the lock screen. These steps are also applicable if you want to add southwest boarding pass to your phone.

How Do I Share My Boarding Pass from Apple Wallet?

The Apple Wallet lets you share the boarding pass via Messages App, Mail App, AirDrop, or any compatible app that appears in the share sheet. If you are new to the iPhone or using Wallet for the first time, learn to share boarding pass from Apple Wallet.

  1. Open the Wallet app on iPhone.
  2. Select the boarding pass that want to share.
  3. On the top-right corner of the card, tap three dots.
  4. Tap Share icon.
  5. Choose any of the apps like Messages, Mail, AirDrop, etc.

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