Essential iPhone Controlled Home Accessories of 2017 in Deals

Now, most of the home and office device controlled with iPhone, iPad & other smartphone devices remotely. In this accessories bundle, you must have to use it. Live smart way in your home and office for robot job. By using this special gadget we can control the whole system over the finger tap on your iOS and Android device. Don’t miss to garb best home accessories for iPhone, iPad 2017 deals.

All the device works on contact less network you don’t need any extra wire.

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Top Best home accessories for iPhone, iPad and other Smartphone

1.Door opener for your iOS device: iPhone, iPad

Wifi Enable remotely access door opener for iPhone, iPadYou can track your home and office door situation from anywhere through iPhone, or other smart phone. Receive notification door condition change by anyone, Easy installation and Working on Wi-Fi network. High tech sensor technology and tracking system make this item very powerful in security gadget that should be on first position from best home accessories for iPhone.

Order Now in just $129 for USA

Order now in just £177.97 for UK

2.Wi-Fi enabled Cooker

Smart Cooker control from iPhone, iPad and android appFull Control your cooker on your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile device. Turn off remotely over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi network. Free VeMo App for your smart phone. Easy to clean and wash free shipping and in deals.

Order Now in just $105.59

3. Nest Thermostat control be smart device

Best thermostat control device for your iPhone, iPadThis is the #1 thermostat control over the air, from your iPhone, iPad running iOS 11/10/9/8 and Android device. You can set your device temperature on pre-defined as auto schedule. No extra setup needed, small in size made this item very best for smart folks.

Order Now in just $249.00 for the USA

Order Now in just £179 for the UK

4. Wi-Fi video monitor camera

Wi-Fi enable monitor camera control over your mobile#1 best seller in camera system at your home and office, awesome video quality, Get live stream on your iOS device. Night vision, Wide area video shooting coverage up to 130 degree, Notification alert, free mobile and web app engaging you on everywhere.

Order Now in just $199.67 for USA

Order Now in just $222.99 for UK

5. Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set

Remote control thermostat for food making as a best Home accessories for iPhoneManage and monitor thermostat remotely by perfect notification coming on that device. Time for Count up and Count down. LCD screen, Programmed for temperature level, Wide color option.

Order Now in just $60.54 (24% discount) for USA

Order Now in just £52.99 for UK

Don’t miss out awesome technology controlled from your iPhone, iPad running on iOS and Android device. Stay touch with us for more tech space in same series that will make your life easy. Don’t miss to share are you trying new gadgets from top Home accessories for iPhone, iPad and other smart phone device.