How to Backup, Export iPhone Contacts on MacBook, Mac: macOS Big Sur/Catalina and Earlier All MacOS

Last Updated on Jan 7, 2021

Without iTunes or Third-Party software take all backup/Export/Save All iPhone contacts on Mac running on macOS all Version. You want only to take iPhone contacts, before updates, Reset or Erase iPhone, install new Beta or Developer iOS version, Downgrade to old iOS version, Restore old backup. For all the cases I would like to recommended export contacts to your Mac or External Drive. Tips also work if you failed from export iCloud contacts from the web browser, Good alternate option typically works for all Mac system and OS.

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Pre Requisite: Same Apple ID and Password for access Contacts on Mac. If you forgot password reset Apple ID password.

Steps for Backup iPhone Contacts on Mac, MacBook Pro/Air/iMac/Mac Mini: On All MacOS using Contacts app

Before Start: Enable iPhone Contacts Sync in iCloud from the Settings app. Open Settings app on iPhone > Tap on your Profile name > iCloud > Scroll and Enable Toggle for contacts. Your all contacts will be uploaded or Backed up in the iCloud account and that is accessible on other apple device’s Contacts app, that is signed in with the same Apple ID. Follow the Below steps for Export iPhone Contacts on MacBook Mac.

Contacts app on Mac works universal for all accounts, able to fetch contacts from different contact Account providers (iCloud, Google Gmail, Facebook, Linked In, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft Exchange, and Other Top-level hosting accounts).

Here I explained for iCloud, which mostly helps all people. Understand all cases and go with your case,

Case 1: Contacts app not set up before No contacts showing under all contacts

1. Open contacts app on Mac from spotlight search or From Launchpad,

Contacts app on Launch pad on MacBook Mac

Contacts app on the Launch pad on MacBook Mac

2. Show no contacts looks like in below image,

No contacts found on Mac contacts app

3. First check your iPhone signed apple ID.

4. On Mac, From Top Contacts app Menu Click on Contacts > Add Account > iCloud.

Setup contacts app or add new account

5. Select iCloud and At least choose Contacts option, Otherwise, keep selected all > Add Account button. Now Wait for fetch and sync process time. Export it see in step 3.

import contacts from different account


6. All the iCloud contacts will show on your Mac’s Contacts app. Now Next steps are for Export All Contacts from Mac Contacts app.

Case 2: Want Export/ Backup contacts from another account

Launch contacts app on Mac, Top Mac Menu Contacts > Add Account > Select iCloud Account > Sync Contacts. Follow step 1 and 3

Contact option choose for sync


Case 3: Export Contact from iCloud only, that’s iPhone use or setup

Directly export all contacts (Command + A) from an app, Select all contacts just like a show in image,

Imported iPhone contacts on Mac app

Then, File from Top Mac menu > Export as PDF or Export > Export vCard

backup iPhone contacts on Mac Sierra

Note: PDF file not restorable to import contacts, it’s useful for print on paper or keeps a soft copy. vCard is supported to other third-party apps or contacts app.

Exported Contacts in vCard file saved on your Finder, that we can use any Cross-Platform and Move contacts to another device. in the same, we can Export a full list of your Contacts in PDF file – Print your All Contacts on Mac from Export PDF.

Exported iPhone contact from Mac in vCard file

Exported iPhone contact from Mac in vCard file

That’s it.

Case 4: Remove all contacts and Export from another account

Select (Command + A) App contacts and Right-click on in and Remove.

I hope you understand the features of the Mac contact app, also way to take backup iPhone contacts on Mac using contacts app.

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