How to Play Pokémon Go – Guide to become a Pokémon Master

How to Play Pokémon Go

In the world’s all major to intermediate media publications, channel and Tech experts are everywhere taking about an ultra popular and quickly in-vogue AR Game Pokémon Go. The Game has been downloaded by millions of Smartphone users in almost developed country such as United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. But it’s not be needed that the every user have an idea about how to start or play Pokémon Go game, how to catch Pokémon, attract Pokémon, when use an item in the game and much more. But Video school online brings for beginner users an online course to know the real meaning and tricks to Play Pokémon Go game on his/her iPhone, iPod, and Android Smartphone.

Let’s know to different – different types of Pokémon and its caught position in pokedex etc. Once you becomes a master of Pokémon Go you can earn more XP power through catching Pokémon. After watching this Video tutorial you can be easily explain and train your child to playing Pokémon.

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Pay Little Money and Get full Course to Play Pokémon Go on All Possible Devices

How to Play Pokémon Go

So before get started any game, you should know about its level, how to finish current level to reach at next level as well as to save life in fight/ battle in front of enemy. So let’s know course duration, required specification and more.

Access 30 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7.

Find & catch your first Pokémon.

Understand the Pokémon Go map.

Level up your character & power up your Pokémon.

Collect items at PokeStops.

Train your Pokémon at Gyms.

Claim a Gym for your own team.

Battle other users’ Pokémon & win.

Read more about to Play Pokémon Game Course. Course outline : Start catching Pokémon. Visiting gyms and battling, Pokémon Go Tips & Tricks.

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