How to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook pst (2023)

Nowadays, Emails are a widely accepted medium of communication by professionals. Mozilla thunderbird email client contains various valuable features like open source, message management, cross-platform support, following the industry standard and supports, etc. 

According to current market trends, they prefer Outlook over thunderbird reason, Microsoft Outlook’s features are superior to thunderbird. 

Best features of Outlook compared to thunderbird

a). Outlook Password Protection

b). Outlook comes with a best anti-spam feature

c). Outlook has features like calendar integration, tasks,

and schedule which is not available with thunderbird

d). outlook comes with enterprise-grade features, quality customer support, and a wide range of account configurations.

Thunderbird stores data (emails, other data) in MBOX files. However, Outlook supports the MBOX file format. Therefore, if you want to export thunderbird to outlook emails, you must convert MBOX files to pst format (convert thunderbird to pst).

PST stands for Personal Storage Table is outlook data file.

The reasons mentioned above compel most users to export emails from thunderbird to Outlook. For that, you need a thunderbird to pst converter.

Manual Steps for Thunderbird Export to PST

Step 1→ Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird app.Next, open the mailbox from which you want to export.

Step 2→ Select a single email or select all (Ctrl+A) emails that you want to export.

Step 3Right click on the Selected email and then select Save as Option to save an email in .eml format.


Step 4→ Choose a folder on your device where you want to store thunderbird (.eml file) emails, then Click Save.

Step 5→ Now, open the Outlook app and create a New Folder.


Give a Folder name, and Ok to add in to Outlook app,


Step 6→ Select single or multiple .eml files, then “drag and drop” .eml to put them into the outlook folder.


Step 7→ Now, All the emails are visible in Outlook. Then Select “File” from the outlook menu bar.

Step 8→ Click on “Open & Export,” then select “Import/Export” Option


Step 9→ Select “Export to a File” in the import and export Wizard box and then click “Next”.


Step 10→ Now, select “Outlook Data File(.pst)” and click Next.


Step 11→ Select the Folder that has the thunderbird email (.eml file) that you want to export (to convert in to.pst) 

Step 12→ Choose other settings per your preferences and select “Finish.”

Step 13→ Now set the Outlook data file password for backup.


This manual method is a bit complex and lengthy, too. So many users prefer third-party thunderbird converter to pst applications. The manual process is free, while most third-party apps are not.

To import thunderbird to ms outlook, you have to restore pst file saved from outlook to view the messages.

How to create a pst file in Outlook (Outlook 365 Supported)

There are reasons that you should create a pst file in Outlook. 

You must create a pst file to protect your data from viruses, malware, or even accidental breakdown of your pc.

You can quickly create a pst file with different methods.

Method 1 (Directly from the Ribbon (New Item))

Step 1→ Open the Outlook app.

Step 2→ Select the Home tab from the menu bar.

Step 3→Now, Select a new item from the ribbon.


Step 4→ Click on more items from the drop-down menu.

Step 5→Select Outlook data file.


Step 6→ Provide the name of your Outlook data file and click ok.

Method 2 (From Account Settings)

Step 1→ Open the Microsoft Outlook app.

Step 2→ Select File from the menu bar.

Step 3→ Click on Account settings again and select Account settings.


Step 4→ Select the Data Files tab and Click the Add button.

Step 5→ Provide a name to your data file name

Ensure the file type is an outlook data file(.pst).


Step 6→ Click Ok.

All Right, that’s the easy way to create a pst file in outlook 365.


From the above article, you got the idea of how you can migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook. The manual method is long, but it’s free. Moreover, third-party tools are the hassle-free method available in the market. This tool has an automated process that completes the migration from thunderbird to outlook pst in less time.

Through this article, we have tried to clarify the manual process; if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below.

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