How to Share Outlook Calendar on Mac 2023 & Windows

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 One of the most beneficial features of Outlook is calendar sharing, which allows the organization to schedule meetings and collaborates among the different teams. Calander sharing functionality is available on all versions of Outlook, be it Windows, Mac, or the web. Keeping track of your team became easy with the help of calendar sharing.

With this article’s help, you will learn “How to create a shared calendar in Outlook 365.”

How to Create a Shared Calendar in Outlook Using App and Web

Here’s the Full guide to sharing your Outlook Calendar from macOS and Windows to your Address contact, Outside the Contact [& organization] or Sync Using Outlook Web in .ics to Google Calendar and Other platforms. Let’s see in detail,

How to share the Outlook calendar on Windows (office 365 desktop version) 

By sharing the Calendar, you can set permission for each member; for example, you will give access to the boss to edit the Calendar, but for junior employees, you give consent to view and get informed about timings. You can also use Outlook keyboard shortcuts.

Here are the steps,

Step #1→ Open Outlook from your windows pc.

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Step #2→Click on the Calendar icon from the bottom left corner.


Step #3→ Put a Tick mark on the Calendar which you want to share if you have multiple calendars from the left sidebar.

Step #4→ From the Home tab ribbon, click on the Share button.


Step #5→ “Calendar Properties” Popup box will generate.

Step #6→ Click on the Permissions tab.


Step #7→ If no name is present, then Click on Add button.

Step #8→ Add User Popup box will generate.

Step #9→ Select the person with whom you want to share the Calendar.

Step #10→ Choose from Can view all details or can edit as per your requirements, how much access you want to grant.


Step #11→ Click Apply, then Select Ok.


Outlook calendar sharing is the best way to inform teammates about meetings or event schedules. You need not remind each other manually; no teammates can make excuses like we are unaware of events or meetings. Apart from professional use, you can use the calendar sharing feature for your family members by setting up a shared Outlook family calendar.

If you want to send/export a snapshot of your Calendar via Outlook Mail, follow this step.

Step #1→ Click on the Home tab.

Step #2→ Select New Mail from the ribbon.

Step #3→ write an email address in the text box right side of To.

Step #4→ Go to the message body section, then click the Insert tab.

Step #5→ Select three dots from the top left, then select Calendar.

Step #6→ Send Calendar via an email popup box will generate.


Step #7→ Choose Calendar and Date range from the drop-down list.

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Step #8→Select ok, then select Sent.


This procedure allows you to send a calendar to any person in the inbox.

How to share the outlook calendar on the Web version

Many users prefer using Outlook on the web rather than the desktop version because it’s easily accessible on any device from any place without downloading the app.

Here are the steps on how to share Calendar on the web

Step #1→ Open outlook on the web, then sign in.

Step #2→ Select Calendar Icon from the left sidebar.

Step #3→ Select Calendar from the list of calendars that you want to share.

Step #4 Click on the Share icon from the top right side of the Outlook window.


Step #5→ Sharing and Permissions popup box will generate.

Step #6→ Enter the Email address or contact name in the text box if the name/Email is already not added.

Select Permission from Can view all details or can edit from the drop-down list.

Step #7→ Select Share, and then click on (x) to close the window 


You can easily remove people from the list.

  1. Calendar > Share > pop-up box for Sharing and permissions
  2. Search for the contact that you wish to remove; click on the Delete button symbol to the right side of the desired email address.

How to share the outlook calendar on Mac (office 365)

 There is a slight difference between the steps to share a calendar on Mac and Windows. Follow the below steps for mac 

Step 1→ Click on the Calendar icon from the left bottom pane

Step 2→ Select the Calendar to share from the list of your Calendar

Step 3→Click on three dots right side of your selected Calendar

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Step 4→Select Sharing Permissions(Shared permission)

Step 5→Calender Properties popup will generate

Step 6→write an email in a text box to search name, then Select email Step 7→ Click on Add to add the user’s email.

Step 8→Choose permission from the can view, can edit, or can view all details for the desired user.

If you cannot find any name (step 6), you do not have any name in the address book. So, first, Add the names of all teammates/users in the address book.


how to share the outlook calendar with others outside of the organization? 

You can easily share an outlook calendar with an external user outside the organization by following the steps mentioned above for windows.

Here are brief steps

  • Open Outlook app > Click calendar icon > Select calendar > click share > Select Permission tab > Click Add > if name is not in address book (Outside user) then add name in address book > then, choose name, then click Add > select ok > choose form permissions > Click Apply, then select Ok.

how to share the outlook calendar with google calendar?

 With the help of the following few steps, you will learn it.

  1. Open Outlook on the web
  2. Settings > view all outlook settings > mail > Calendar > Shared calendars > Under publish calendar choose calendar and permissions > Copy HTML link.
  1. Now open the website.
  2. Sign into your Google account.
  3. Click on the plus sign (+) beside the other Calendar. 
  4. Select From URL option.share-the-outlook-calendar-with-google-calendar-faq2step6
  5. Paste the URL of your Outlook calendar.share-the-outlook-calendar-with-google-calendar-faq2step7

Now you can check that Outlook and Google Calendar got merged. 

How to share an outlook calendar with family members in google calendar? 

If your family member has a google calendar, you can share your outlook calendar with the help of the answer to question number 2.

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