How to Filter YouTube Video by Rating, Views, Date, Likes, Recent, Length on iPhone/ iPad

2 Use filter on YouTube app in iPhone and iPad

YouTube is the largest online video collection on the planets. On each query and search, you will get the exact result that you want at the time. But some fake or miscellaneous video may become in result in between. So here are the tips on how to purify or get the new result that’s super perfect. Some YouTubers are uploading wrong title videos before the time or Date to get more views or any other reasons that you know very well or don’t know then ignore and let’s how we can find a perfect video using filter YouTube video on iPhone/ iPad app.

For the Desktop or Web users, this option will see charily on a screen just below the search bar box. If you couldn’t find filter YouTube video on iOS app running on iPhone/ iPad then you are at the right place where you can get a result based on Video ratings given by the viewers, Date of published or Uploaded, Video Length (Duration option like less than 4 minutes or greater than 20 minutes).

Guide to Find Filter YouTube Video Settings on the iOS App: iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Open YouTube App on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Enter your query Search text in the search box, Just below the text box see the adjustment icon.

4 Use filter on iOS YouTube app

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Step#3. Choose Different filter options as you wish, explained more about each in detail below.

Millions of active users are on YouTube wasting lots of time behind to watch a perfect video or original video/ Official video.

Keep bookmark this page and beware from it by always get fresh, new and most trusted videos using YouTube app.

Find only Live YouTube or Video on App: Search Only Live video from YouTube search keyword, Like a match, Personal video (Yes, We can Broadcast live video on YouTube using iPhone)

Rating: This filter will measure how the video quality was before you see. Means good video gather good response by up like or positive like called ratings.

View Count is similar to the Rating.

Okay, and then let’s enjoy YouTube app’s settings for Filter YouTube video on iOS app by find quality and Perfect video that you must see before going anywhere.

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