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How to Find Legacy Apps in macOS Mojave 10.14: Trick to Find 32-bit outdated Apps

Look here to check out outdates Apps on your Mac. This tutorial will let you learn to Find legacy Apps in macOS Mojave on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.

Apple’s new legacy Applications tool in macOS Mojave that help you to find what apps compatible to macOS 10.14 because of last year Apple declared that the macOS Mojave is the last desktop operating system for 32-bit Apps. Therefore, Apple added a tool in the System Report in macOS Mojave will help you to find Legacy Apps (outdated or obsolete) on your Mac running macOS Mojave.

Last year, iOS 11 no longer support 32-bit Apps and form 2019- Apple will drop those Mac applications which is raining with 32-bit. Nobody can argue Apple to why you making the decision to no longer support 32-bit Apps.


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In addition, when Apple implements this change that time the Java 1.6 Apple framework, QuickTime framework, and Carbon HLTB will be removed from its pipeline. Furthermore, the brand new and redesigned XCode 10 code editor will drop support for 32-bit macOS apps.

Finally, I’ll show you the steps to find Legacy Apps in macOS Mojave and I hope this becomes helpful for macOS Developers and Apple Mac users alike find out that whether their Macs use these Applications.

With that being said, to

find legacy apps currently on your Mac in macOS Mojave

you can follow these steps:

Step #1. Click on the Apple icon on your Mac’s Top Toolbar.

Step #2. Select About This Mac.

Click on About This Mac

Step #3. Next, Choose System Report …

macOS Mojave System Report

Step #4. Now, select Software > Legacy Software from the System Reports screen.

Step #5. You’ll now see a list of apps on your desktop or Apple laptop screen that will no longer be supported on Macs beginning in 2019 with the successor to macOS Mojave.

In the example below, there are 4 Legacy Apps on my MacMini.

on my Mac we Find Legacy Apps in macOS Mojave 10.14

Conclusion – Those Mac Developers who still runs 32-bit Mac Apps, they should make its App compatible for 64-bit of macOS 2019, otherwise, the App will become not supported.

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  1. Once things show up on Legacy Software, they don’t get removed if I upgrade them to a 64-bit version. Anyone know how to clean this up?

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