7 Fixes Frayed iPhone Charging Cable at Home in 2024

In this article, I have shared the best ideas to fix iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Lighting USB cable at home. The lightning cable broken near to the eight-pin connector, has a general issue to all iPhone users. Like cable at the end showing inside wires, loose and crispy Rubber cover. This problem generally occurs after 5 to 6 months purchased, although your lightning cable likes brand new. My cable was suddenly damaged in a single day and a few hours. Suddenly I am confused about what to do. After Google, I found a real solution on Fix iPhone lightning cable broken issue favorable to iPhone’s charging cable.

Also, I found the exact reason behind how possible and factor affecting my lightning cable day to day from this video tutorial. So next, sit back and follow the below instruction guide on how to replace the broken or frayed lightning cable and get the original brand new iPhone charging cable.

Also, if you are getting lightning cable damage problems for other Apple devices, same steps will help confidentially.

Fix Apple iPhone Lightning Cable Broken, Cut, Damaged, or Frayed at the end

Fix iPhone lightning cable broken or not supplying

1. How to DIY repair a broken iPhone lightning cable

Apple Lightning cables get frayed after continuous usage, but if you are quite active in preventing the fraying of iPhone cable or looking for a tip to repair frayed iPhone lightning cable, try out the following DIYs.

Cable Protectors

Cable Protectors
Cable Protectors

If the cable is half broken or you feel it will be frayed out within a few days, then a cable protector is recommended. The material used in Apple’s original cable is undoubtedly durable and strong, so the reason behind your broken or frayed Apple Lightning cable is you might not have taken care while using the cable or someone had broken the cable. Here are some suggestions on the best Cable Protectors for Apple Lightning Cable.

You can use Electrical Tape

USB Lightning Cable Frayed Out Fixed with Spring
USB Lightning Cable Frayed Out Fixed with Spring

Electrical tape, I think this is one of the most cheaper ways to fix your iPhone lighting cable. If you haven’t had tape at your home, you should borrow it from your friend or order on an Amazon online store available at a decent cost.

Heat Shrink

Heat Shrink is a perfect option if you are looking for long-term solution to fraying cable only if certain conditions are met. Before doing this, you’ll need a tube in which the Apple Lightning cable could fit easily and an instrument that can give heat.

A live example of Heat Shrink Tubing is joining two parts of iron by welding. So it can only be performed if you possess a tube of the correct size. Then, cover the fraying part with the tube and start giving heat to that portion, the tube will shrink, and the fraying cable would be gone.


You may have heard about Sugru; if not, then, Sugru is a mouldable glue to make products like Apple Lightning cable strong once you cover it. It is mainly used for DIY creativity; therefore, you should also cover up the broken part of the Apple cable with the Sugru. Check the various sizes and prices of Sugru at Amazon.

Repurposed Ball Pen Spring

I assume you have a spring or a retractable pen; take the spring from the pen and slide it into the lightning cable. Of course, spring isn’t a permanent solution as stretching the spring for a long time removed its elasticity. But still, it could help save fraying cable for a few days.

2. Warranty and Apple Care+

Apple products come with a limited 1-year warranty period, so, without wasting more time, get iPhone’s invoice and check if the device is under warranty? And if you’ve already extended the warranty by purchasing Apple Care+, I think Apple would likely replace the lightning cable. So, you just need to carry valid proof of the Apple device’s purchase. Besides, go and check the warranty status of your iDevice online.

Will Apple Replace My Broken Cable?

For the Apple Care+ and Apple Care+ with Theft and Loss protection, you can get quick replacement or repair depending upon the Terms and Conditions of Apple. With these protecting plans, Apple can replace your incidentally damaged products up to two times.

AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss Protection Hardware Coverage
AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss Protection Hardware Coverage

3. Visit Nearest Apple care Support Center

Check nearest location for apple device

Apple support center will help with Sales, Service, Training, and Certification. So you can search for the nearest Apple Store from 260+ in the USA only. For other regions or country’s people also get the authorized or official center from here.

4. Use the Third-Party Lightning Cable

Third party 8 pin lighting cable for iPhone, iPad

Based on my experience of using third-party lightning cable for any iOS device, Anker and Amazon Basics, both brands have made a good reputation for Apple accessories. Therefore, you shouldn’t bother repairing damaged lightning to USB cables.

Instead, you can use a third-party lightning cable approved by Apple that is available at a low price at an online store. Amazon Basics, Anker. Don’t waste time; place an order and get to your home in the shortest time (1-day delivery).

Above are the best possible solutions to fix the broken or not working iPhone’s lightning cable. Share your satisfaction with us in below comment section.

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