How To Fix iTunes Error 3600 in 2023

🗓️ February 2, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

This post helps you to fix iTunes error 3600 on Restoring the iOS on iPhone, iPad on Windows, or Mac. Are you in a problem with the current iOS version and decided to restore the latest iOS or old iOS by downgrading the current iOS to the previous one? iTunes gives the error if not able to restore or downgrade/ Upgrade iOS in the form of the error code. If you are getting a 3600 error, that means your iPhone or iPad doesn’t support the next version or the old version of iOS.

Have you double-checked and everything is fine with the new version of iOS? Then follow the steps below that help to fix or bypass the error 3600 in iTunes and install iOS successfully.

Helpful steps to resolve the iTunes error 3600 for iPhone restore or Downgrade

1 iTunes error 3600 on iPhone and iPad restore or Upgrade iOS

#1. Understand the Error and follow the steps: More Info

iTunes will learn what is the causes that create the problem on setup iPhone with iTunes. Find the More Info button near the ok in the Error message popup.

The most common suggestion for the error code 3600 in iTunes is: Apple Doesn’t support the iOS version that you are installing on iPhone or iPad.

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#2. Check for Update iTunes

Check and Use the only latest version of iTunes on your Mac or PC while restoring, Updating, or downgrading iOS.

On Mac: Open App store > Find whether iTunes update is available or not

On PC: Open iTunes > Help Menu > Check for Updates.

In case of iTunes update is available, then install the latest version of iTunes.

#3. Update Mac or Windows System

Check if any update is available for Mac or Windows systems. The old version of System OS may be blocking the incoming connections or Port.

#4. Restart

Turn off your Mac or PC and restart. At the same time also switch off your iOS device and try again on the same machine.

Also, use iTunes on another system.

#5. Check the Other Settings

Anti-virus software: Disable antivirus for the time of setup on your iPhone.

Firewall: Disable Firewall on windows

Also, usually, this error code on iTunes appeared for the cases of,

  • Jailbreaking iOS device
  • Restore from iCloud or iTunes
  • Disconnected or interrupted update or restore

Hope this article help to fix iTunes error 3600 on iPhone and iPad. Share your other problems in the comment box below.

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