Fix WhatsApp Connecting & Reconnecting On iPhone

Here's the solutions for your WhatsApp connecting & Reconnecting On iPhone. Let's identify the problem and fix by yourself.

Key Takeaway: To troubleshoot WhatsApp reconnecting on iPhone, check internet stability, monitor server status, manage background settings, disable low data mode and VPN, update the app, allow mobile data usage, avoid beta versions, and reinstall the app if needed. Also ensure iOS is up to date for optimal functionality.

However, there are days when WhatsApp frequently keeps reconnecting on iPhone, cutting you from Video Or Audio calls and even from chat. In most cases, unstable internet is a culprit. But sometimes, Software or Application Bugs or iPhone features also need to be looked at. If Whatsapp reconnecting iPhone issue keeps bothering you, read this troubleshooting blog to fix it!

How To Fix WhatsApp Connecting iPhone

In this troubleshooting blog, we will introduce you to a possible way to fix Whatsapp showing connecting iPhone error. 

1. Check The Internet Connection Is Stable

First, ensure that the mobile data on your iPhone is turned on. And if your iPhone is connected to WiFi, ensure your device has appropriate internet speed. Secondly, the check router connection is stable. Once you check it, move further to the next solution. 

Try after,

  1. Restart your Router by disabling the main power source and then enabling it.
  2. Restart your iPhone
  3. Switch to another WiFi or try fixing WiFi not working on iPhone

2. Check WhatsApp Server Status

Is there an issue with WhatsApp right now? It might be due to the server outage. Check WhatsApp Server Status. If a sign of outrage is visible, let the issue fix itself. 

3. Don’t Stop WhatsApp From Running In the Background

To prevent “Reconnecting” Message to appear on the top, ignore killing WhatsApp from the background running application. As it can ultimately lead to syncing issues. Manage the Backgroud app refresh restriction from Settings > General > Backgroud App Refresh > Enable the toggle for Whatsapp (if it isn’t seeing, then Enable the “Backgroud App Refresh” Option).

4. Enable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is an aspect that pushes notifications even when you aren’t using the application. Considering it as an effective solution for “WhatsApp is connecting for so long” issue, you must try it.

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Search and select WhatsApp.
  3. Enable the toggle next to the Background App Refresh. 

That’s It!

5. Turn Off Low Data Mode

If you have limited internet data or are connected to a Mobile hotspot, the iPhone flagship will automatically turn on Low Data Usage. Which can cause WhatsApp Calls Reconnecting, Won’t Sending Messages, or even not working. Here is how you can turn it off. 

  1. Navigate and click Settings App.
  2. Choose Mobile Data. 
  3. Click Mobile Data Options and then toggle off the Low Data Mode.   

Alternatively, open Settings App > WiFi. Select i Icon next to the connected WiFi network. Disable Low Data Mode. 

6. Turn Off Use Less Data During Calls

Another reason for WhatsApp call says reconnecting is due to Use Less Data During Calls feature. The aspect aims to drain less data than usual, especially during Calls. For that reason, you need to turn it off.

  1. Access WhatsApp.
  2. Click on Settings from the bottom left corner. 
  3. Tap Storage And Data. The toggle off Use Less For Calls. 

Now try making WhatsApp Calls, and if you re-encounter Reconnecting, move further to the next solution.

7. Disable Low Power Mode

Unlike Low Data Mode, Low Power Mode aims to prevent battery draining on iPhone by applying the limitation over App features, including WhatsApp. To disable the aspect, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Settings.
  2. Search and select Battery.
  3. Disable the toggle next to Low Power Mode.

That’s It!

8. Disable VPN

If you are using VPN right now, immediately disable it. Since VPN interrupts the connection between WhatsApp and its server and thus results in iPhone keep disconnecting from WhatsApp. 

9. Check For WhatsApp Update

Check for Whatsapp updates. Since outdated versions can introduce you to specific issues, including WhatsApp stuck on loading. Here is how you can.

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Select Profile Icon from the top right corner.
  3. Swipe down to see the list of updates available.
  4. Click Update next to WhatsApp.

Or tap on Update All to update all the applications on the iPhone at once. 

10. Allow WhatsApp To Use Mobile Data

WhatsApp might disconnect or keep on reconnecting if you have restricted it to running over Cellular Data. On the other hand, connected WiFi networks won’t be as stable as you want. Thus, you must allow WhatsApp to use mobile data. 

To do so, head to the Settings App. Choose WhatsApp and toggle to enable Mobile Data. 

11. Ignore Using WhatsApp Beta

An essential thing to stop WhatsApp connecting is ignoring to use beta version. Since beta versions are packed with lots of errors and instability, if that is so, uninstall it first, and install WhatsApp’s original version from the App Store.

12. Reinstall WhatsApp

If there is no beta version, no WhatsApp update is available at the same point. So try your luck by reinstalling the application, which will reload it with new files and a so-called cache. 

Note: All your chats and WhatsApp data will vanish once you delete the app. 

To re-install the application, long press on WhatsApp Icon. From the menu, click on Remove App > Delete App > Delete. Once uninstallation procedure finishes, update it from the App Store. 

13. Check For iOS Update

Unlike WhatsApp, your iOS needs to be updated to the latest version. And since the current version of iOS might be having an issue, that could be the reason for iPhone Cannot use WhatsApp. To update iOS, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to and select Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Tap Software Update.

Now, let the system check for updates. If there is availability, tap on Install Button. That’s It!

Bottom Line

Nowadays, WhatsApp is used for both personal and professional work. Thus if it keeps on crashing or reconnecting on iPhone can be frustrating. The above mentioned troubleshooting article might have worked for you. 

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