Fixed iPhone Battery Draining Fast after iOS 17.1.2 Update

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Are you worried about your iPhone battery drain fast in a few hours or overnight? Many folks have reported on iPhone gets hot when in use or during the charging time. So for apple users mainly, always keep in mind all the below points. With all alternatives ways and prevention actions before you lost all power from the battery, promptly or on Standby.

This tutorial is compatible with the iPhone models are Newer iPhone & iPhone 13 Series, 12 , 12Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini, iPhone 11(Pro Max), iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8(Plus), iPhone 7(Plus), iPhone 6S/6S+, iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S.

Prevention Steps for iPhone Battery Drain Fast in Short time – After iOS Update

1). Turn off WiFi or Mobile Data at Night

Some users keep the WiFi and Mobile Data is always on. That’s not bad and we have to care about this option. Technically, Your Device will Find alternate best WiFi networks for optimized performance and Auto Switch to Mobile Data when slow internet overnight. Another end, we don’t need any wifi or mobile data to use while we are in sleep, These tricks work for stop background data refresh by the app, Stop notifications for the apps like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Mail App or Other Third-Party apps that frequently send notifications. So we can stop hundreds plus notifications coming in the night that is useless.

We can quickly Disable WiFi and Mobile Data from the iPhone control center, Swipe down your finger from the top right corner, and Tap on Bluetooth, WiFi shortcut in-network widget, To turn off quickly.

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2). Turn off Frequent Notifications by App on iPhone

Every notification will wake up your iPhone screen with Notification sound or Vibrate. So we can save lots of Battery by turning off the notification. in three-ways, we can manage frequent notifications.

  • Completely Turn Off Notifications for Apps: We can manage the notification from your Settings app on iPhone, iPad. Go to the Settings app on iPhone > Notifications > Scroll down to App List and Tap on App name “Disable the Toggle Allow Notifications”. That’s it.
  • Turn off Using DND: Do Not Disturb is also a proven technique for saving Battery life, But you will not receive the phone call as well. Except if you Keep Disabled “Repeated Calls” or “Allow Calls From” option as well. Go to the Settings app on iPhone > Do Not Disturb > Enable Do Not Disturb toggle.
  • Turn off WiFi & Mobile Data: Open control center on your iPhone, Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data from the network card. That’s it.

3). Keep your iPhone Updated

Update Your iPhone to Latest Version

  • Fix the Software issues that created the problem of draining your iPhone battery continuously. Most of the cases this proved a smart solution that prevents iPhone Battery draining while not in use. Settings app on iPhone > General > Software Update > Download and Install.

Update Installed Apps

  • Outdated or older apps we have to update regularly, We can update all pending apps one by one or All apps at once from the app store on iPhone, iPad. Open App Store on iPhone > Tap on Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen > See All Pending Update in apps or Tap on Update all for Download pending apps update at once.

4). Delete or Uninstall App From iPhone

First, you have to find the buggy apps that are draining your iPhone battery, Either on screen or in Backgroud. Go to the Settings app > Battery > Scroll to Battery Use By App list, Know which app is consuming more battery, Now fix that if you are not using too much, Update those apps from the app store at first or Useless all you can delete from iPhone from the home screen.

  • Analyze Battery Consume by App usage
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5). Turn on Low Power Mode

One more big reason for Battery draining fast overnight is Your iPhone’s Apps are running in the background, Display Brightness. So we can control all the Battery draining functions by enabling Low power mode on iPhone from settings. Open Settings app > Battery > Enable Low Power mode. You can enable this option for all time.

That’s it.

6). Turn off Background App Refresh

The background app process also drains your iPhone battery for a whole day. In Day time we can not detect the problem because we are active with our smartphone, we can find this problem at night Because Your iPhone killing your Battery while not use your Smartphone. So I recommended turning off background app refresh on iPhone. Open Settings app on iPhone > General.


Background App Refresh > Turn off Toggle for Background App Refresh.


7). Poor Carrier signal

While you are on a hill station or Out of your Local network coverage, Travelling for long-distance or By Air, You will lose the Signal of your Cell phone. This General happen for many days. At that time your iPhone is continuously finding the network coverage while a signal is poor or no Signal. I recommend turning on AirPlane mode. So you save the battery from that or Get hot as well.

  • Settings app on iPhone > AirPlane Mode > Enable toggle for Airplane mode and That’s it.

8). Other Troubleshooting On Battery Drain and Hot at Night

  • Always use Publick iOS on iPhone:– Remove or Switch to Beta iOS or Developer iOS to Public iOS Version.
  • Don’t keep your iPhone on Charge Overnight:- Use Original Apple USB Charging cable and Socket.
  • Check Battery Health & Replacement program:-Take part is the Battery Replacement program. Go to the Settings app > Battery > Battery Health > See Maximum Capacity.
  • Apple Support:– Free and Premium Apple Support is always ready to help you. So you can talk with apple support and get an appointment online.
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Means there should be many cases like Mostly drain overnight (Not in use), After new software update battery lost fast and gets hot during charge time, On show video or capture camera.

But Apple already thinks out of handle problems such like on battery savings and improvement. New features in iOS as Battery management.

In a single tap, you can stop all background processes, Auto downloads, Visual effects, Mail fetch. Means at the last moment you can activate by going to the Settings > Battery > Enable Low Power Mode toggle.

Enable low power mode to increase battery life when iPhone battery drain fast

The real reasons why iOS device kill your battery, Especially iPhone battery drain fast

By apple Device improvements in the chain, Battery storage capacity has increased. So I am satisfied, But some internal software problems and rough use affect on battery drain problems.

Without enabling low power mode to stop auto battery drain/ lost with below steps,

Set Brightness on Auto mode, Settings > Display & Brightness > Enable Auto – Brightness.

Lock screen time interval set lowest duration, Settings > General > Auto-Lock (Recommend 1 minute or 30 sec).

Manage or Disable not in use background apps, Settings > General > Background App refresh

Stop unwanted location service, Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Stop auto sent details to Apple

[Note important, sometimes useful] Stop sending Diagnostic data and information to apple.  

Refuse all active apps from the multitasking screen. You must use multitasking in iOS to kill all running apps.

Don’t use any other third party or charging cable converter. Overpower load decrease your iPhone battery storage capacity.

Keep away your iPhone, iPad from the heat wave.

If possible avoid continuously watch media on the iOS device,

Share with me for needs more help and explanation on the above steps in an individual case.

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Still, Not success in iPhone battery drains fast. Visit the apple store might be hardware might be damaged.

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