Free tips Recover Forgotten Login Password on M1, M2 (Mac)

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A clear guide to Recover/Reset the Forgotten Mac/M1 Mac Password. Several Mac users Forgotten passwords on M1 or M2 Mac, MacBook Pro/Air. But They are Resetting the M1 or M2 Mac Login password in these ways! is your Mac is not signed in with Apple ID? and Lost the chance of the Password recovery option while you forgot the M1 or M2 Mac computer login password. here are two alternate methods to Reset M1 Mac or Intel Mac login password.

Reset Mac login password using Recovery mode is safe for all M1 and Intel Mac models but the Process is Different for both. but Forgot Login password Using the apple ID method is the same.

Two Methods: Forgot Login Password M1 Mac or M2 MacBook

Forgot mac Login Password without Apple ID

  1. Turn off your Mac and wait for 20 seconds.
  2. Next, Press and Hold the Power button until you see the Mac Startup disk and Settings option screen. and a screen will say the message “Loading startup options“.
  3. Select Option and Click on Continue.
    • if your Mac says the Forgot all password option then Select it if you wish to change using apple ID. otherwise, Here’s Another way. skip this.
  4. On your Mac Screen, you will see the popup option on-screen with Four options like Restore from Time Machine, Install macOS, Safari, Disk Utility. Don’t select from this option. From the Top Mac menu, [if you can’t see then hover your mouse cursor to Top edge of the mac screen].
  5. Click on “Utilities” menu Option and Select Terminal.
  6. Your Mac screen show Terminal,
  7. Type resetpassword command and press return from keyboard to run.
    • I assume that Firvault is Disabled, Otherwise, you can’t do using this way.
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If Firevalut is Turned on from your Mac System Preferences settings then your mac will see the window with the Option “Password Recovery options”. Select your Prefer recovery option and Follow onscreen instructions to Forgot Login password successfully. you mac may ask to enter an apple Id to unlock Mac login screen.

Make sure: Internet connection is On. Either WiFi or Ethernet connection. Becuase in this process, you will get the Recovery password option once you authenticate your Apple ID with the Apple server.

Forgot the M1 Mac Login password Using Apple ID

This method is Really Fast and Easy to Forgot M1 or Intel Mac login password.

  • Turn on your Mac, and see the login screen on Mac. Once you Enter the wrong password, your Mac will ask for to Reset Password option.

Select this option and Recover Online. Without any Thir-Party Password Recovery software or Without Any Data lose.

Other Troubleshooting:-

  1. Reinstall new Copy of MacOS In Recovery mode. In step 4, you will get an option for “Reinstall macOS.” Select this and Continue with setting up a new copy of macOS On mac without any Data loss. This process will take time depends on internet speed and Data saved on your Mac. :- Reinstall MacOS ON Mac A complete guide.
  2. Clean install Mac: Erase your Mac like a New, In This process, your Mac Erase the Internal drive from the Disk Utility window in Recovery mode, then “Install MacOS” on your Mac Drive.

Contact Apple Support:-

If you have no chance to Recover the lost login Password and Nothing is going to be good. Then I recommend talking with the Apple Support center and Book Appointment at Apple Genius bar reservation. Also, You can visit at Nearby apple store.

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