how to use Google Maps offline Mode on iOS on iPhone and iPad

access Google map offline on iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, you are in the region where you have a problem on internet connectivity with the cellular network or Wi-Fi network. So Google introduced Google map offline for an iOS device within app trough. Using this free app, you can download any region’s Map and save it for offline use. So whenever you are offline, you can view your save map region in satellite view and get the perfect direction with area name that’s you kept in your device.

Not only Google map, nowadays we have an option as Google map alternatives. That’s work for offline navigation through Map but for the former people who believe in Google maps, for that hare is the excellent option as access Google map offline on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on the latest iOS device.

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How to save Google Maps directions for offline use & travel With iPhone, iPad: Steps for Download Google map

Step 1: Your device must have the latest version on Google Map app: See in Apple iTunes Store.

Step 2: Open Google map app, And Type your desired location area name that you want save for offline access.

Search name for save region's map

Step 3: Here, I entered Cupertino. And Search.

Step 4: When you see the location map, again retype from the search field. : ok maps and Tap on Search.

Ok Map for save last map in iOS device

Step 5: Next, You will see an option to SAVE the map.

Give name for saved map for later access

Step 6: Now, Type the name that you wish and Tap on save. (You can keep any number of maps)

Until you save Map on your device, you must turn internet connection through WiFi or Mobile data. Once you save, then after you can see map in offline mode.

Step 7: Next, from the side panel Tap on Your Place.See all Saved maps in device

Look same like live map see through satellite. See below imageaccess Google map offline on iPhone and iPad

Do you have any trouble to save Google map in your iOS device for offline use and navigate, Share with us?

We will glad to assist you! Now, any time we can access Google map offline on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on the iOS device.

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