How to Download New Apps Directly into App Library on iPhone in iOS 17

App Library is something we weren’t expecting from Apple this fall, but here it is. The iOS 14 comes with tones of improvements, including home screen management using the on-device intelligence and of course based on your usage pattern. With App Library, it’s relatively simple to keep the home screen decluttered without deleting any app. To be honest, no one has time to organize their home screen, and even if you’re doing this, you’ll keep the useful apps on the first app page; the rest of them will be floating randomly. After spending hours to bifurcate and personalizing the iPhone home screen with utterly importantly applications, the newly downloaded applications can create the same chaos.

The home screen can stay organized as long as you don’t download new applications, and that’s impossible for anyone to avoid downloading applications. Rather, changing the settings of the iPhone is recommended. What you can do is, ask iPhone to directly add the newly downloaded apps into the App Library, this will keep the home screen clear, and you can download as many apps you want, without messing the home screen.

How to Add New Apps to App Library

The iPhone Settings app lets you change the settings, and only add new apps to the App Library rather than on the home screen.

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to the Home Screen, tap on it.
Home screen settings on iPhone settings app
Home screen settings on iPhone settings app
  • Under NEW APP DOWNLOADS, choose App Library Only.
  • New Recently Downloaded app to App Library only on iPhone
    New Recently Downloaded app to App Library only on iPhone
  • That’s it.
  • In addition, the App Library contains a Recently Added card, which stores all the recently downloaded applications, for easy access.

    Recently Downloaded Apps Not Showing on Home Screen

    The iOS 14 brings a few different concepts; one of them is App Library. Understanding them is merely easy, however, if you don’t, it’ll definitely create chaos. In the above section, we’ve enlisted the steps to add the applications to the app library, not on the home screen.

    Meaning, once you choose App Library Only option, from that time, the iPhone will store all the newly downloaded applications directly in the App Library, instead of the home screen. I recently downloaded apps not showing on the home screen, verify the settings mentioned below.

    1. Navigate to the Settings app.
    2. Tap Home Screen.
    3. Make sure, you must have to select Add to Home Screen.
    4. Now, Your All apps will be shown on the iPhone home screen, that is recently downloaded.

    How to Hide Notifications Badge to App Library

    If you don’t want to see the red circles for every unread notification on App icons, the new settings let you hide the notifications badge in the App Library. Here’s how it can be done.

    1. Go to the Settings app.
    2. Swipe down to Home Screen.
    Home screen settings on iPhone settings app
    Home screen settings on iPhone settings app
  • Toggle Off Show in App Library, under NOTIFICATION BADGES.
  • show or Hide Notification badges in App Library
    show or Hide Notification badges in App Library

    Now, Your App Library screen is much clearer than before. Hope you find the important Home Screen Settings for your iPhone after Update to the latest iOS.

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