How to Cancel Sent Follow Request on Instagram (2023)


Concerning the privacy of users, Instagram lets them make their profile private; I’ve analyzed most of the profiles are private on Instagram, just to make sure any unknown person cannot use your photos or video. While on the other side, the members keep their pages private to increase their followers. Regardless, you can anytime cancel follow request on Instagram in case you don’t want to follow or mistakenly sent a follow request, this tutorial will show how to cancel all follow requests on Instagram app.

Instagram can be operated on Web Interface as well as on App, to cancel five to six requests, you won’t be bored while following the steps on the mobile app, but if you have a long list of follow requests, choosing PC to cancel them would be a wise choice. Let’s start with the tutorial to cancel all the following requests on the Instagram account.

How to Cancel Follow Requests on Instagram Account

Cancel All Follow Requests using the Instagram App

Clicking follow requests using the Instagram app takes less than a minute. Here’s how to do it.

1→ Open the Instagram app on your iPhone > Click on the Profile icon at the Lower right corner > Click on Humberguer Menu > Your Activity.

See all Your Activity Details on Instagram app
See all Your Activity Details on the Instagram app

2→ Now, Scroll to last on your iPhone screen. Select “Download your information” > Enter your Email ID or Verify your Insta Email > Click on Request Download > Enter the Password in the last screen. Click on Next.

Request Download Instagram Data
Request Download Instagram Data

3→ Click on Done with the request, Download requested page.

Wait for Download Instagram Data Request
Wait for Download Instagram Data Request

4→ Download the File you receive in your Mail inbox, and see the all Follow requests. Click on the Profile link and Unfollow the pending request one by one.

View all Sent Follow Request on iPhone instagram app
View all Sent Follow Request on iPhone Instagram app

Copy the username that you want to cancel the following request.

Paste it in the search bar and cancel the following request. Tap on the Requested button.

Unfollow all Sent Follow Request from instagram iPhone app
Unfollow all Sent Follow Requests from Instagram iPhone app

That’s it. Repeat the same step to cancel all pending requests from your Instagram iPhone app.

Cancel Sent Follow Request on Instagram on Mac/PC

As I said, using Web Interface is recommended if you have more follow requests to cancel, here you go.

1→ Go to your Instagram account and log in to your Web Browser (Mac or PC). Click on the Hamburger menu icon at the bottom left corner.


2→ Select the “Your Activity” Option for the Instagram account.


3→ Under your Activity, Select Download Your Information > Enter your Instagram Email account (HTML) > Next.


4→ Enter your Instagram password.


5→ Wait for Download Requested. wait to receive an email with Instagram account data.


Thanks for Visiting! Browse more Up-to-date tips and tricks for all your social app. Request in the comment section for more help from us!

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