How To Change Text Size on iPhone 6/ 7/ 8/ X, iPad: iOS 11/ 10/ 9/ 8

Get here tip to change Text size in iOS, it’s very special for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7, iPhone 8, by it you can easily increase or decrease the font size

How to change Text size on iPhone and iPad?  Here are the settings for customize default text size into 10x larger or Smaller, This will also change subtitle changes in the Settings app. now if you want to large text reading anytime you have an option to need change font size on your iPhone, iPad installed with iOS 11/ 10/ 9 or 8 devices. Increase text size will don’t effect on the home screen but only in settings, Lock screen or app. apart from some select app, we need to do manually change text size from the app settings. Then you can do large Text for easily read. Almost senior folks use big text during the reading time so this is helpful for them.

You can make your iPhone text bold by doing enable to Bold Text option and it’s the below of the Text Size option and set Auto-Brightness by doing toggle on. Okay, let’s go beneath step and follow it to do quickly.


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4 Customize or Change text size on iPhone and iPad

Steps On how to change Text Size on iPhone, iPad: iOS 8/ 9/ 10 and iOS 11, make Text big

Method 1:

Shortcut tips: Now Control center has a shortcut for change text size on your iPhone (Swipe finger up on the screen on iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 7/7 Plus) and iPhone X (Swipe down finger from the right corner of the screen). See Text change icon in control center and use for customize text size.

1 Change Text Size from Control Center in iOS 11

Method 2:

Or Go with Below manual settings,

Step: 1. Launch, Settings app

Step: 2. Tap on Display & Brightness option

1 Display & Brightness on iOS 11

Step: 3. now tap on Text Size, locate below the Auto-Brightness

2 Change Text size on iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad

Step: 4. Drag the slider and move it right to left side for increase and decrease the Text Size

3 Change custome Text side on iPhone and ipad

That’s it. Please, dear reader, share your reply how much helpful this tip on How to customize or change the text size in iOS. You can check Text size in those apps which are Supports dynamic type and it will adjust to preferred able reading size. Get daily updates for new iPhone, iPad, and iOS on our social page, don’t miss to subscribe us, as well on Mac. Therefore kindly keep in touch with us to know more about your iPhone and the Apple device. Like it? Share with the comment in your group.

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