how to change Whatsapp tone on iPhone, iPad

change Whatsapp tone on iPhone, identify WhatsApp message from pre set custom notification sound on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). here is the perfect guide on how to know or get alert from different notification sound coming through Whatsapp notification tone. WhatsApp gave setting option for set or change with your own sound So you can easily identify which friend send you message. Some of the time this tips also helps you to reply message without spent more time or ignoring that.

if you don’t want alert sound for selected friend sent message then you can mute. allow notification without add in block list or put iPhone into silent mode.

Useful: Stop saving WhatsApp image and Video.

Step for Set or change Whatsapp tone on iPhone, iPad: iOS 8, iOS 9

Want’s to set different tone for your friend or change from custom tone.

Step 1: Go to the WhatsApp app and Open it.

Step 2: From the chat list choose the friend that you want change WhatsApp tone on iPhone, iPad.

Step 3: Go to Friend’s profile by tap on the name of recipientschange Whatsapp tone on iPhone, iPad iOS device

Step 4: From the Profile page, Tap on custom notifications option. Custom notification tone for WhatsApp

Step 5: Tap on Message sound. See full list of message tone. WhatsApp sound for iPhone

Step 6: Select one of them and save it. Other tone available for WhatsApp

after set your notification sound you can filter that who sent message on Whatsapp remotely without unlock iPhone or Without Open WhatsApp. And reply it on lock screen by sliding left and Tap on reply.

Other way to Stop Notification – Mute notification for WhatsApp

Under the profile page Tap on mute > Now Three different options you have (8 Hours, 1 Week, 1 Year). With this option you can mute only sound for this time, But receiving or sending message works as of before.

That’s it, Very useful to all WhatsApp users for change Whatsapp tone on iPhone, iPad running on iOS 9, iOS 8.