How to Download Facebook Without App Store on iPhone, iPad in 2023

Last Updated on Jan 8, 2022If you own a phone, it would be obvious that you must be using popular social applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc, am I right? Often, all the applications do need you to provide some information that proves that you’re a legit user, not a Spammer or Bot. While there are few websites available, that don’t have any specific app but are only accessible through the Safari app. In the same line, the Safari App makes it easier to add a shortcut to the Home Screen of that website. Things are getting closer, continue to read. So ultimately you want to use Facebook without downloading an app from App Store or use two Facebook accounts on the iPhone.

Until Facebook officially lets you use two Facebook accounts without switching and logging out, you can use this tutorial and set up two Facebook accounts on your iPhone without the Facebook app. Alternatively, sometimes the Apple iPhone and iPad won’t let you download the applications from App Store without entering the Apple ID Password, under such circumstances, this tutorial will be much of use, for the platform that offers Web Interface and Application.

How to Use Facebook on iPhone, iPad Without Download From App Store [FB Progressive Web App]

Can I Download Apps without Apple ID Password on iPhone?

Well, the answer is NO,

The solution is here? :

you cannot download apps from the App Store without entering the Apple ID Password. However, if you try this hidden trick, then to some extent, the Safari Shortcut can deliver the same interface as Facebook.

Are you forgotten your Apple ID password and are Unable to Use Facebook App on your iPhone or iPad? use This Official Progressive Web app option that Supports all iPhone and iPad models.

Can I Have Two Facebook Accounts on my iPhone?

Yes, the Facebook App itself allows you to use more than one Facebook accounts, however, it is only possible by switching the account. After researching our technical team has got a way out, to use the two Facebook without logging out from others, at the same time.

  1. Keep Installed one FaceBook App From App Store
  2. Add FaceBook Progressive Web App on iPhone

How to Use Facebook Account on iPhone Using App: Without App Store

  1. Open the Safari App on your iPhone, iPad, and open Facebook.
  2. Or directly tap on this Facebook link and make sure it opens into the Safari App.

    Open Facebook on iPhone Safari Browser

    Open Facebook on iPhone Safari Browser

  3. Enter the Facebook credentials and log in to your Facebook account.
  4. Tap on the Share button, which is at the middle-bottom of the screen.
  5. Swipe down to the Add to Home Screen, tap on it. If Add to Home Screen doesn’t appear in the list, then look for the Edit Actions, and make sure to add the shortcut.

    Facebook Shortcut to your iPhone home screen

    Facebook Shortcut to your iPhone home screen

  6. Give the Shortcut a name, I’d recommend type Facebook.
  7. Lastly, hit Add on the upper-right corner [In the Below image, First FaceBook icon is App Downloaded from the App store and the Second is the Facebook Progressive web app].

    Add Facebook Shortcut on your iPhone home screen

    Add Facebook Shortcut on your iPhone home screen

  8. Use Spotlight Search to find out the Facebook Shortcut, and to rearrange, long-press the Facebook shortcut anywhere you want.

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