How to Download Instagram Without App Store on iPhone, iPad: 2023 Tips

For your kind information, Instagram lets you add up to five Instagram accounts at once, however, very few people have gotten that far, as far as I know, people used to operate two to three Instagram accounts. It can be Business, Private or for Baby or Pet, no matter for what reason you’ve created Instagram accounts, this post will show you a unique trick to access the Instagram account separately from the Instagram app, but in the Safari Browser. Isn’t it obvious that you can keep the secret account somewhere else if you don’t want to reveal it to your friends or family?

Using Instagram in Safari is no different, instead, it could be your private space, where nobody can go. Another reason to use Instagram without downloading the app from App Store is often iPhone will ask you to enter the Apple ID Passcode, to verify the download and installation, which can be easily avoided when used with Safari.

How to Use Instagram on iPhone, iPad without Downloading App from App Store

Install Instagram Progressive Web App on iPhone

Can I Use Instagram in Safari App? Use the Instagram Progressive app Version.

Yes, you can use Instagram in Safari App, with no limitations. However, if you normally search for Instagram on PC, then there is no way to upload stories and photos unless you make some onsite tweaks. But when you try our hack, believe me, it is no less than an Instagram App. Everything is available for you, it just takes a one-time process to create a Shortcut to the home screen.

How to Use Instagram on iOS without Downloading App From App Store

  1. Launch the Safari App on your iOS device.
  2. Open Instagram on Safari App.
    Instagram Open on Safari Browser on iPhone
    Instagram Open on Safari Browser on iPhone
  3. Log in to the Instagram Account, enter credentials.
  4. Once you are into the Instagram account, tap on the Share icon at the bottom of the page.
    Share option on Safari iPhone app
    Share option on Safari iPhone app
  5. Find the Add to Home Screen from the Share sheet.
  6. If Add to Home Screen option is not available there, then, from the Share sheet, tap Edit Actions, and include the Add to Home Screen.
  7. If you wish then Rename the Shortcut, whatever you would like to.
  8. Tap Add.
    Instagram Add to Home screen on iPhone
    Instagram Add to Home screen on iPhone
  9. That’s It! Now you can access the Instagram shortcut from the iPhone home screen.
    Progressive App for instagram on iphone
    Progressive App for Instagram on iPhone
  10. To locate the shortcut quickly, use the Spotlight Search to find it.

Now, You can use Re-arrange Bookmarked Safari Web page, Called Instagram Progressive web app on iPhone.

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