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Whenever I go to bed, I wish that today no one should call or message me while I fell asleep. However, the truth is every time someone breaks my peace and disturbs me. Unfortunately, I canโ€™t have Do Not Disturb mode at bedtime in past iOS, but yes, now after updating to the latest iOS, I can enable Do Not Disturb Bedtime mode, also called the Digital Health tool,ย and sleep peacefully. Using this feature, you can also turn off text notifications on iPhone at night.

Apple has introduced Bedtime Mode in the DND list. This will dim your device, and every notification will stay away from you. Besides this, if you want to use an iPhone after enabling DND at Bedtime, yes, it is possible. Read your favorite stories online in total harmony. Same steps the user can apply for any iPhone.

Way to Activate Do Not Disturb Bedtime Mode on iPhone (Digital Health tool) on your iPhone

Steps for Turn on Do Not Disturb At Sleep time on iPhone, iPad. Apple introduced an extension of the Do Not Disturb function called “Focus”. Our Full Guide will help you to teach how to use Focus on iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Step 1: Open Control Center – you can access the control panel on your iPhone by pulling down the screen from the right-top corner. Tap on Focus.

Focus Sleep mode on iPhone control center
Focus Sleep mode on the iPhone control center

Step 2: Click on Sleep [Find Sleep in the above picture]. Now, Sleep mode is on. Follow the steps below to set up sleep mode on your iPhone.

Sleep mode is enable on iPhone
Sleep mode is enabled on iPhone

Turn on Do-Not-Disturb during Bad Time on iPhone

1โ†’ Open Settings app on iPhone > Scroll to Focus and open.

Setup Sleep mode in Focus on iPhone
Setup Sleep mode in Focus on iPhone

2โ†’ Click on “+” At the top right corner of the screen.

Add Sleep mode on iPhone under focus
Add Sleep mode on iPhone under focus

3โ†’ Your phone shows you the Sleep setting card, Click on Next to set up.

Customise focus on iPhone
Customise focus on iPhone

Now, Notifications From People. Choose people you want notifications from when the focus is turned on.

Here’s an optional screen, click on add a contact to allow during sleep mode, Or Click on Allow None during bedtime.

After this, you can disable App notifications during your sleep mode.

Similarly people option, you can add/remove the app to alert notifications with sleep mode activation.

Customise focus on iPhone
Customise focus on iPhone

if you would not like notifications within sleep time, choose Allow None.

That’s it.

Now final screen for sleep mode is to choose Set up in Health App or Set up later in Health.

In the health app, you can get a better night’s sleep by setting up a schedule and wind down and bedtime reminders the health app. Summary Tab > Sleep.

Change Sleep data on iPhone Health app
Change Sleep data on iPhone Health app

Go with the Sleep Schedule option in the Health app and Enable the Option to Schedule your sleep for reminders and more.

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Come Back to Sleep setting in focus and Manage “Turn off Do No Disturb, Sleep Focus during Wind Down time”.

Change Sleep settings on iPhone Health app
Change Sleep settings on iPhone Health app

During Window downtime, your iPhone is enabled for Sleep mode: Enable the “Turn on at Wind Down” Option.

That’s it. Some people don’t like Do Not Disturb mode [Sleep mode during Wind Down]. If you want to turn off Sleep Focus during the wind-down time in the health app, Here’s the option for the next step.

How to Turn Off Do Not Disturb During Wind Down iPhone

By default, the Sleep focus mode automatically turns on during Wind Down or BedTime. Follow the below steps to turn off Sleep Focus mode/Do Not Disturb while BedTime is turned on your iPhone.

  1. First Add Schedule in Focuse sleep mode in iPhone settings to access “Schedule and Health section“, Follow the above step.
  2. And see the option for turn on at Wind Down Toggle in Sleep mode focus.
  3. Turn Off Toggle and That’s it.

Now your iPhone will not turn on automatically Do not Disturb mode during Wind Downtime on iPhone and other Apple devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID.

Steps to Turn On DND at BedTime for iOS 14 and Earlier Users

Step 1: Go to the โ€œSettingsโ€ app on your iOS device.
Step 2: Open โ€œDo Not Disturb.โ€

Enable Do Not Disturb Mode bedtime mode on iPhone iOS 12

Step 3: Toggle on โ€œDo Not Disturbโ€ mode.
Step 4: Turn on โ€œScheduledโ€ option.
Step 5: when you switch on the Scheduled option under that, you must set the time withย the time picker.
Step 6:ย Now Turn โ€œBedtime Mode.โ€ ON/Green toggle.

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Use Do Not Disturb Mode bedtime mode on iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus iOS 12

From now on the iPhone will automatically enable bedtime mode, and you wonโ€™t receive any notifications within the selected time range and will fall asleep in harmony.

If you want to receive the notifications, turn off DND Bedtime Mode on your iPhone. For this, follow the below steps,

How to Disable DO Not Disturb During Bedtime Mode on All iOS 12 iPhone

In iOS 13, Badtime Mode was Replaced with new settings, Dim Lock Screen. That means Scheduled Turns on do not disturb for the time period you select. Dim Lock Screen darkens the lock screen and sends notifications to the notification center during that time.

Step 1: Open up Settings App looks like a gear icon on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap โ€œDo Not Disturb.โ€
Step 3: Turn the โ€œBedtime Modeโ€ Off/Gray. [just beneath the Scheduled time that has been replaced by Dim Lock Screen in iOS 13 or later.]

I have found my way to sleep quietly without bothering about the alerts and notifications with the all-new iOS.

I would suggest you go for this remarkable feature and have a great and peaceful night.

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