How to Enable Dynamic Desktop in Mac Sonoma Set Dynamic Wallpaper

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As you have seen how beautifully you can create your desktop by enabling dark mode and accent colors. Likewise, macOS also brings dynamic mode to your Mac. The all-new feature allows your desktop to adjust dynamically regarding color tones and brightness of the wallpaper, which varies depending upon daylight. Quickly turn on Time Shifting Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper on your Mac, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro/ Air.

If you want to use dynamic mode for your Mac or MacBook, then follow these steps and take advantage of another stunning feature initially added in Apple’s macOS Mojave or later macOS.

We can set only 1 wallpaper for Dynamic wallpaper. I hope Apple will give a custom download option and add new Dynamic Display wallpaper.

Enable Location Services for Dynamic Desktop to Display Based on your location” – Why Your Desktop mood is not changing for your location? Here’s the reason. Why Dynamic Desktop Not Working on Mac.

Follow the Steps for Add or Setup Dynamic Desktop mode on MacOS

This Desktop Picture changes throughout the day, Based on your Location.

On macOS Sonoma & later,

Step 1: Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.
Step 2: Next, Select Wallpaper from the left side of the window.

Where is dynamic Wallpapers for your Mac
Where is dynamic Wallpapers for your Mac

Step 3: Now, There are different Wallpaper types, Expand the list of Dynamic Desktop Wallpapers > See All. Select Wallpaper and Set a Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper on your Mac Desktop.

See All Dynamic Wallpapers on Mac
See All Dynamic Wallpapers on Mac

The effect for dynamic desktop is automatically visible on the desktop as your Time change, from Sunset to Sunrise, Light to Dark.

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On macOS Monterey & Earlier,

Step 1: Go to the Apple Logo > Open Mac “System Preference”.
Step 2: Tap “Desktop & Screen Savers”.

Desktop and Screen Saver on MacOS Mojave

Step 3: On the left side, you will see “Apple”, Click on it to drag down.
Step 4: Now select “Desktop Pictures”. > First is “Dynamic Wallpaper“.


macOS Mojave screen,

3 Dynamic Desktop on MacOS Mojave

Here’s “first one is only Dynamic” Wallpaper.

Step 5: On the right side, a big “list of dynamic screen savers” are available.
Step 6: You can “select one from them”.

When you enable and set up a dynamic display mode, then you need to enable location services, and then you can only use dynamic display. This feature will truly enhance your display, and for sure, you will going to love it.

Dark Mode in Mac, along with This Dynamic desktop, works amazingly.

Besides these inbuilt dynamic wallpapers, think how amazing it will be to create and use your wallpaper for a dynamic display. Hope so. This function Apple must introduce in an upcoming update.

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