iOS 16.1.1/14 “This Accessory May Not be Supported” on iPhone 12 Pro Max/Mini,11 Pro Max, XR, XS Max, X Plus/8/7/6S/6/SE, and iPad

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

I have downloaded and installed iOS 14 successfully without any glitches. But after iOS 14, iPadOS 14 update, my iPhone Won’t Charge and screen display “This accessory may not be supported” and anyway I was unable to charge my phone. Therefore, As a geek, I have tried various tactics to bypass the problem. And, finally, I got success. So you guys, anyone else facing the same error message on your device screen, then you should follow the bottom guide that will help you to resolve quickly.

We noticed that a lot of third party accessories works on some iOS version doesn’t use MFI certified Chips. So these accessories may be blocked on the latest iOS version.

But still not found that why Apple is blocking unofficial battery case or charger?

Probably issue could be defective Charging cable, device hardware (damaged charging port), or possible Software bug. Sometimes it affects only with specific iOS devices while the same Apple Charger and lightning cable that came with iOS devices work well with another iDevice. So sad still, I think your demand device is running out of juice. Don’t worry. Let’s follow our guide to bypass the bug Accessory is not certified or not supported by this headphone.

Fix iPhone popup This Accessory May Not be Supported after iOS update

Fix #1. Check for Software Update

First, you need to give priority to the iOS ecosystem. I mean you should check any update available under General in Settings App.

  • Open the Settings app and tap General to check the latest available firmware. Next up, tap on Software Update. If an update is there, please do first and then try to plug and charge your iDevice. If needed get the solution – unable to check for update iOS

Check for software update on iOS device iPhone iPad iPod touch

I hope, you’re doing this process with good Wi-Fi strength or high-speed Cellular Data Plan. If you have the same issue then keep continuing process.

Fix #2. Keep Clean your iPhone and iPad Charging Port

Clean Charging Port and Charge after Remove Cover

Clean Charging Port and Charge after Remove Cover

Diagnose your iPhone charging Port, Don’t look inside, just take one Dry tooth stick or toothbrush also blow some compressed air inside. Remove all the dust from each corner of the charging port. After that look after the Charging cable that might be frayed out or Short.

We found lots of guys who had dust in the port that occasionally create this kind of issue. So, to remove any debris from the charging port on the bottom of your iOS device. Also, turning cable end around also helps you to charge your device.

The lighting cable is Plugging in first to your iOS device charging port and then connect to the Socket. Many folks claim that this clue works excellent. In case still, doesn’t Charge. Try the following workaround.

Fix #3. You Need To Try a different Lighting Cable or Charger

How to Prevent or Fix Frayed iPhone Lightning Cable

How to Prevent or Fix Frayed iPhone Lightning Cable

  • The Cable is Cut or Frayed out – Prevent Frayed Out Cable.
  • Often times, cleaning the contacts inside the Charging port or over Lighting connectors on the cable fixes it. Sometimes I just have to replace the damaged cable.

Let’s take another Apple official Charger and try again on your iPad Air, iPad, or iPhone. We always recommended using Apple’s official USB to lighting cable and adapter to charge your iOS, macOS, Apple Watch device. Cause, some of the third-party charging cable could damage your expensive device battery and other internal hardware too.

Don’t forget to share with us what solution worked for you. Even None of the clues helpful? You should contact Apple support to get more Service. The best way is that you should book a genius bar appointment to a nearby Apple Store.

Fix #4. Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Just pressing and holding on the power button till you appear drag slide to Power off button. And go with the same method to start the device back. In iOS, you can also Restart The Device Using Without The Power Button.

Fix# 2.2 Force Restart iOS device to fix This accessory may not be supported

To Force Restart iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus:

1: Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button, then Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button, then in last Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.

To Start the iPhone, Again press the Side button until the startup apple logo on the screen.

Force Restart iPhone 7/7 Plus: Pree and Hold Sleep/Wake + Volume Down buttons simultaneously
Force Restart iPhone 6S and Earlier: Pree and Hold Sleep/Wake + Home button simultaneously

Bottom Line

While you charge with lighting cable, you have no option to charge your phone with the physical connection then try Wireless charger if you have otherwise borrowed from your friends. Don’t take more experiments on your Device.

Contact apple support via phone call, Chat, or Book an Appointment at Genius bar. if the device is under warranty and apple proved that your iPhone is Defective Pease, Get them free replaced with Purchase copy or Without.

You can try alternative options recently to charge your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini, all iPad, and iPod touches using Power bank, through MacBook, Computer, and charge through the wall plug.

So dear friends ever you find another solution to resolve This accessory may not work reliably with this iPhone or iPad, please share in the comments. We’ll appreciate your answer.

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