How to Force close or Quit System Settings on Mac (Sonoma)

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System settings interrupted shut down, or System Settings not responding on your Mac computer can be nerve-racking because people heavily rely on it to change settings and customize their Mac accordingly. However, for some reason or other, if your Macā€™s System Settingsā€¦ keeps on loading or not responding to your changes or got stuck, then here are different ways to force close or quit system settings on Mac.

Here are different ways to force close or quit system settings on your Mac computer running the latest macOS.

Complete guide on how to force quit system preferences on Mac

Way#1. From Apple Menu

Itā€™s a traditional way to force close any app on your Mac. For this,

Step 1: Click Apple Menu. From the prompted menu. Select Force Quitā€¦ from the menu bar on Mac.

Click Apple Logo Select Force Quit On Mac

Step 2: Choose System Settingsā€¦ and click Force Quit Button.

Click System Settings Select Force Quit On Mac

Step 3: Select the Force Quit.

Choose Force Quit On Mac

Way#2. Using Shortcut

One of the easiest ways to force quit system settingsā€¦ on your Mac is by pressing 

Step 1: Option + Command + Esc and, from the prompted screen, select System Settingsā€¦ > Force Quit.

Option + Command + Esc Click System Settings Select Force Quit On Mac

Step 2: Select Force Quit system settings on Mac.

Choose Force Quit On Mac

Way#3. Using Mac Dock

To quit System Settingsā€¦ is to Right Click (Control + Click) on the System Settingsā€¦ Icon from your Mac Dock. Then select Quit from the prompted menu.

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Click Quit System Settings On Mac

Way#4. Using Option Key

Option key, besides being useful in some instances, is also useful in force quit process on your Mac. Press Option + Control and then Click on the System Settings icon on your Dock and When the menu appears on your screen. Select Force Quit.

Select Force Quit System Settings On Mac

Way#5. Using Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is the Windows Task Manager. It displays a variety of resources on your Mac computer in real time. This includes various processes, disk activity, memory usage, etc. And the best part of Activity Monitor is that it lets you directly kill the program, including System Settingsā€¦ from there. Hereā€™s how.

Step 1: Press Command + Space to open Spotlight search. Enter Activity Monitor and click on it to open it.

Command + Space Click Activity Monitor On Mac

Step 2: In Activity Monitor, search for System Settings in the search bar.
Step 3: Then select System Settingsā€¦ from the result. At last, click the X Icon in the Activity Monitor Toolbar.

Search System Settings Tap System Settings Click (x) Close On Mac

Step 4: Next , Select Force Quit form the system settings on mac.

Select Force Quit On Mac

Way#6. Using a combination of keys

The last way to force quit system settingsā€¦ on your Mac is by pressing Shift + Option + Command + Esc. However, by pressing these keys, all applications running on your Mac will be closed.

Shift + Option + Command + Esc Close System Settings On Mac

Final Thought!

The process of force-quitting system settingsā€¦ on Mac isnā€™t arduous if you know how to do so. Furthermore, if system settingsā€¦ keep crashing on your Mac, you can use the abovementioned methods. So, I suggest learning these simple ways to force close or quit system settingsā€¦ on your Mac.

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I hope this guide was great for you. If you have any further queries, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

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